This section is for stories that acquire a more "legendary" flavour, dreams that might be or might not be revealing me the secrets of the universe.

28/04/2023: The Quest to Restore Equilibrium to the Universe

In this dream, I'm on a quest with a party of friends to be met yet: one whose eyes are only visible, one whose mouth is only visible, and one whose whole face is visible. The last one's name was Felicia, I remember, and she had black skin with iridiscent speckles, like embedded glitter, kinda like the Iridiscent colour on Modern Neopets.. Felicia was the one more in tune with the vibrations of the universe.

Also, I gotta point out, the idea was not exactly like, finish the quest and then there would be peace on Earth forever, no no. It was more like, restoring a little more equilibrium to the universe. I think this concept is in tune with an idea I had recently: that angels do exist, and that they are here so things aren't as bad as they could be. Everytime there's a situation where everybody comes out unharmed but things could have gone horribly wrong, I think an angel was there.

Back to the dream, "people too interested in logic and facts" were our enemies - those who didn't believe in things that exist but have no physical form (creativity, thought, emotion, love, etc). For some reason, my dream associated these with doctors. Here I want to say I mean no offense to any doctors out there, I believe in medicine, and all the hard work and investigation that is behind it. I cannot control what the dream does.

The path to restoring equilibrium to the universe, or to at least making things better for it, involved walking through the path I used to take to walk my dog, at night. There were people in this path, mostly regular passengers concerned with their own businesses, but it wasn't so alone and scary with them. We had to take the whole path, no shortcuts, and at the end, there was a thing that isn't there in real life: a lake, or an abandoned solar; and on it, a legendary sword, like in Zelda. And that's how you partially restore the universe.

At one point, we add a guy to our party, walk through a hypermarket (which yes, was also in the middle of the path I used to walk my dog and there's nothing there in real life), he gets upset for some reason and leaves without us.

Upon exiting the mall, we find ourselves on a beach about to break into sunrise. There's benches and people waiting to witness it, making little reunions with their friends and family, having picnics and so on. Weird thing is, we see the moon rise instead, but with the sun's orange glow. And not only that: once it rises, it is still night. It is revealed that there are three moons on the sky: way bigger than our regular physical moon, and one of them has an eye engraved on it. The way they were ligned should act as a guide to take us where the Sword To Restore The Equilibrium of the Universe is.

Meanwhile, we meet sages: two bald men with robes and a slightly shiny blue skin; and three apprentices, still children, wearing robes and hats that made them look like mushrooms. They ask us what do we want the sword for, we tell them it's for noble causes, and they help us go through a hospital (which, in the dream, is treated as a dungeon full of bad guys to avoid). Apparently, we need two smaller swords, concealed in sealable plastic bags because the hospital will be against us if they see anything "mystic"-looking.

At one point, we climb the stairs of a subway to exit and we find ourselves in the city, which was not part of the plan but okay but not really because this is where the dream ends.

15/02/2023: The Operative System of my Mind / The Mindscape Interface

This was a night where I wasn't feeling too well. I went to bed feeling weird and struggling to fall asleep.

In this dream, i was on top of two rolling balls, and under my hooves there was a long screen, sprawling under me like a river. I could "scroll" the screen by leaning forward or backward, making the balls roll. It displayed a space background, a branch of the Milky Way of sorts, and on it there were scattered all sorts of planets and little apps icons too, like a calendar floating along.

With this, there was a voice explaining how it worked. She sounded male, and kinda old, but I do remember using "she", maybe because most computer assistants have been female so far, like Siri and Cortana. Apparently, the screen below me was a digitalized version of my mind, and every speck of matter in that virtual universe was an idea I had, and the planets represented worlds and stories while the icons were concepts, like the calendar being a concept of time. They moved and swirled around when I wasn't focusing on them. I think I even saw a black hole, spreading like a broken bit of screen, but whatever that one means is up to speculation.

By scrolling upwards, I could see a little cluster of planets ahead, like they were their own little solar system. I recognized my beloved Tooneiros and other fictional woelds among these, even if I don't remember Tooneiros being even checkered (or maybe yes?). Scrolling downwards, separated from the rest and a bit astray, was a planet that represented a more recent fictional world i'm working on.

The calendar was a calendar app, simple and concise. I presume there were other icons scattered through the "digital mind universe" to help me organize things, like a clock, an agenda, and so on.

Then, I felt that I was going to wake up very soon. I didn't want to abandon that place yet. I asked the voice two things: her name, and how could I come back to this place. She replied. I fell into a dream loop where I would wake up, realize it was not my room in real life, and wake up again somewhere else. One of those places was a stationery shop, and I made sure to grab a pen and a baggy of brown paper and write her name on it as to not forget.

On how to come back to there, she was a bit more ambiguous, as if not even she knew how. "Erm, you could try saying my name over and over in your mind as you fall asleep, remembering this dream and all of that."

While I do remember her name, I do not dare to share it willy-nilly. She gave me the impression to be some sort of higher being taking a more "approachable" form, like an older wise sage and a virtual assistant rolled into one. The very least I could do, is to ask for her permission before I share her name with others, you know?

07/01/2023: About Unicorn Tails

In this dream, I was envisioning a drawing of an unicorn. It had cloven hooves, and it looked like a horse, but it was also distinctively its own critter. What I remember the most is that it had a long tail, like a lion's, and that on the tip of the tail there was a lotus flower, with "pistils" like those on the tail of a Skitty. I don't remember if it was supposed to be white, just like the rest of the unicorn, or if this was just a colorless drawing.

22/09/2022: Sensory dreams, the purpose of my life, and layers of reality

Since 2020, I've been having what I call "sensory dreams". These are not visual dreams, all I see is a warm hue like when you close your eyes on the sunlight, but I mostly... feel sensations on my skin. Mostly the touch and the warmth of having another person close, cuddling. I've come to associate these dreams with the most important person to me, my boyfriend. I think it's a manifestation of yearning.

I was napping in real life. I wanted to try lucid dreaming, specifically, for finding the purpose of my life. I remember, as I was falling asleep, that said purpose was being heavily influenced by the TV playing. I think it was playing a historic documental, or a contest, and parts of it were shaping the story of my dream.

At one point, the TV gradually fades out and a sensory dream kicks in. There here hugs, kisses, sweet words... it was as if the memories were back, alive. However, I asked him when could we see each other again. He sounded sad, saying it was complicated, and that it would be better to speak about it to the "real" him.

As I was trying to wake up from this dream, it felt as if layers of dreams or realities wrap eachother like a gift you wrap 50 times to play a prank on people. And to "ascend" from each one, each "layer" ripped itself away, showing the one that's over it (as if you were inside the gift and were opening it up from the inside).

Also, when I woke up into the "real" (why is this in quotation marks?) world, there were some sort of... curdles, or squiggles in my vision, as if I was drawing macaroni or telephone cables. They were white with black outlines, and I have no idea what those are.

01/03/2019: Can I get a dream that is not quantum physics

We (probably I and some Friends I've Yet to Met) were jeeping around desertic areas with very dangerous animals, dealing with lava pits and electricity in the air to pick up a few crystals for a time capsule.

Later in the dream, we were so deep into the Earth that it was snowing and freezing (inside the Earth), and the snow was so bright it was eye-searing.

But we got even deeper, so deep we were regressing back to times where the universe was purer.

14/12/2018: Dream Companions

This night, I dreamt with a cat with a diamond on its forehead and a very long tail. It was supposed to evolve and transform into something different.

Years later, I dreamt I saw an unicorn at the other end of my bed, pure white, softly glowing in the dark. I don't know if this was the cat (carbuncle?)'s transformation, or if these two entities are related at all.

29/04/2018: The Embodiments of Earth and Water (aka how Dreamworld interprets the Groudon & Kyogre story)

Long ago, before life settled down on planet Earth, the embodiment of Earth (as in, land) was a ground golem that wandered around the world drinking any body of water it could find, so it could grow plants on itself (and thus on land).

However, the embodiment of Water was getting tired of that, its territory constantly getting decimated by the embodiment of Earth, so it decided to make its domain salty, so plants wouldn't grown, thus being useless to Earth.

27/10/2017: Cosmic Ostriches

Giant ostriches, bigger than a planet, that lay eggs that are the start of universes

??/??/???: Sealed Evil Army

Apparently, some sort of evil army had to be fought and sealed away inside meteor-like structure (or a structure carved out of a meteor?). It was hollow on the inside, and outside it had a round red porthole, its window, its entrance, its "eye". The meteor was chained to four or three rocks to prevent it from floating away, and it kinda gave the impression of a round creature with four or three "legs": its feet being the rocks, and its spindly legs being the chains.

Evil is an inherent part of the universe and it cannot be destroyed, just contained and sealed away. However, eventually, it would always find a way out and it would have to be fought again. In the meteor structure's case, it would eventually become alive and it'd have to be fought.

??/??/???: The Unicorn Transformation

I was witnessing myself, as a stickperson, running in a 2D plane. At one point, I kneel to the ground, tired. But then, Always by Erasure (also known as the Robot Unicorn Attack song) starts to play, and I transform into a green unicorn with brown curly hair, and I get back up and start galloping faster than ever before.

This dream belongs to mythos because of its obvious themes of personal transformation and the high regard I hold unicorns. I do wonder why those particular colours, tho. Maybe a literal more ground to Earth version, a "truer" version of who I am.

The Bella Sara picture I included here is Calyx, for the sake of a better visualization. It is not mine, I took it from the Bella Sara Wiki.

"We can climb mountains together". Hm...

??/??/???: The Time I Dreamt of Jesus

I played billards with Jesus one time. I think he winked at me. I woke up almost crying, like "what the heck Jesus??? I thought these things only happened to old people"

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