I've dreamt with so many recurrent places I could make a map out of them. This section will also have many recurrent dreams, even if they're not always bound to a particular place.

20/10/2022: Dream Home

There is a house. A house that looks similar to [REDACTED]'s, but it's bigger, non-Euclidian, MC Escher-esque and has some secret rooms and passages. Also it's apparently far away from where I currently live, and part of my family lives there when we're not there. It has a large garden too... I called it my home in-dreams.

05/08/2022: The Dream Lidl

For those not in the know, Lidl is a supermarket chain in Europe, famous for its low prices, products available only for two weeks themed around countries or holidays, and for being my main source of glitter pens.

In this dream, I entered a Lidl from a different angle than I use to. This changes the store's layout entirely and makes it bigger on the inside.

It's quite crowded and I mostly fool around looking at the stuff that's for sale and eating sweets before paying for them (I do NOT do that in real life, mind you). I get worried about eating too many, but then I realize I'm in a dream. Eventually, the people there is too much for me to handle, and I leave the place pretending I'm a wheelchair user so I can leave faster (!?!?).

In front of the Lidl there's this driving school that was making fun of me because I was on a wheelchair. I got (understandably) mad and I (not-so-understandably?) insult them and demand them to bring me a complaint form.

After that, I go with two friends to be met yet through a farm area. It's kind of dry and desolate and grey, but there's still makeshift huts and pens, with horses, goats, and chickens. One of my friends mentions that pigs will start to grunt when they see us. Apart from my two friends, we do not see any other people, only animals.

My other friend was having a discussion with a third person (fourth? do I count?) over the phone. She tells us that her friend (the person at the other side of the phone) is currently obsessed with vampires to an overwhelming degree. I tell her that they're playing all Twilight films on Disney Channel nowadays, and she tell me she (phone friend) wants a Dracula for herself NOW.

26/03/2022: "Coney Island"

A student's exchange at Coney Island, but this one has nothing to do with the actual Coney Island. First one, this one is a legit island on one corner of the UK. It was very close to the mainland, but you still needed to use a boat to get to the other side.

The island was one small town in the center surrounded by countryside, mountains and forests, except the necessary harbors. My "college" was a big fancy mansion that had bedrooms for the students and whatnot.

People kept telling me Coney Island was a tiny place inhabited by old people and without much to do for "the youth", like me. But I was really excited and invested in checking thrift stores and stuff like that. Apparently, I would be able to travel across the entire town area by foot, as long as I don't end up on the mountains, countryside, or forests.

20/02/2022: The Foresty Waterpark

A waterpark, close to a forest area, where you could see the tree branches near and above you as you slided past. I liked to leave my belongings near the "landing" zone (the pool at the end), and made sure they didn't get wet.

I guess this is not viable in real life due to safety concerns and cleaning. Oh well, it's nice to dream.

05/05/2021: The Bad Place

I only dreamt of this place once. I was in some sort of country, similar to where I lived, but the rules were different.

In other words, everything worthy should have a price tag (so intangible things like kindness and creativity were scoffed at), and stealing was encouraged. It wasn't a good time. I got stalked in that dream.

Overall, this place felt like it was made either of old, undesirable beliefs; corrupted current beliefs ("Sometimes, good things cost money"; giving as much as you take when it comes to relationships), or "the worst traits of capitalism and communism put together" (!?). It also felt like some sort of made-up "bad place" they create in old cartoons to punish a misbehaving character and teach moral lessons.

23/08/2020: The Candy Store

This was a candy store that had two glass displays at the sides of the entrance, displayed in a way you could see the product but not access to it from the outside. They sold sweets and a pretty big deal of toys.

There was also a small library behind one of the glass displays, just a regular library where everybody could come in and borrow books. The owner told me it was to keep the previous owner happy, who got involved in a drug deal. I don't know what one thing has to do with the other but I guess he saw what he was doing was wrong and wanted to make something good for the world before moving on.

11/04/2020: El Ratón Diabólico

This was the name of a club that got refurbished as a parking lot and a store, located in a very far away, kind of rural Spanish town/village (lots of white houses and uphills) that I sometimes visit in dreams.
Located on the outskirts of said town, I was curious about what it sold, but felt it was too cursed to enter inside.

Thing is, I don't quite remember what were they selling. Satanic cult memorabilia? Maybe? Truth is, I have no idea.

29/11/2020: The Fun Residential Place

This was some residential place I was on a student exchange in either London or Finland. They had an indoors parade with people in costumes and the new students, to welcome them. I joined in and had fun.

The place had some interesting areas:

After grabbing things from the vault, I come back to my room to see two friends yet to be met sad. One missed his girlfriend, the other wanted to play games but apparently his luggage got lost and his games along with it. I told them about the vault: for the former to "grab a blanker that reminds you of her", and the latter so "now you can try some new games".

I notice this rough kid who was checking my bag and found a cuttlebone. I grab it because it looked smooth and interesting. He said something like "I've never had one of these, I saw them on bird cages, but never had one of my own". And then he bites it, and the dream ends.

??/??/?????: Halloween Stores

My mind used to focus on "Halloween stores": costume shops that would always carry a lot of Halloween-themed items including some oddities that I've never seen in real life. You'd have your usual masks, fake corpses and paper cutlery, but also bootleg Halloween ponies. I remember at least three: a stand-alone one, one that could be find at the shoreline, and another inside a mall.

??/??/?????: The Shoreline

This place is some sort of seafront that had one of those wooden plank piers, but instead of sticking out of the shore, it surrounds it, giving people a place to walk and set stores.

Apart from the aforementioned Halloween store, the stores there often sell clothing and/or jewellery (not the fancy kind).

By the end of this shoreline, there is a fairly big restaurant that specializes in seafood. It's white with big windows so you can see the sea while you eat, and off-season it's empty, but open so people can walk across and access the other part of the shoreline

This one lacks the wooden pier, and has a lot of short, white, empty buildings, similar to the aforementioned restaurant. I always feel disappointed the "kiosk" is closed.

??/??/?????: The Mountainside

This place is a town that has a lot of hills so you're always walking upwards or downwards, and you can see a huge valley and mountains from there. Its main street has shops, cafés and restaurants on one side, including a shop for home furnishings, accessories and other daily household items, decorations and toys. I always find something interesting in there, and it's mostly tinted a blue-ish teal.

On sort of one side of the mountain but also on the valley too, you can see a funfair, with all its colors and lights. I always want to go there, but the dream doesn't last enough for me to reach it.

On the other side of the valley, I think there is a natural trail with lots of trees and some wooden signs. It feels equal parts rural and "jungle adventure"-ish, with some vines and dangers. I think there's also a restaurant somewhere along the way.

??/??/?????: The Shopping Circuit
??/??/?????: The Hotel

This hotel is big and spacey. It's got warm wood tones and plants growing inside, feeling a bit "summery", but also cozy.

It functions kind of like a pier, an airport or a train station: it is a place from where to go to other places. The Hotel can be anywhere, and lead to anywhere.

Parts of the Hotel include:

I only got to eat at the buffet once. It had old foods I remembered and liked, and tried new ones, like:

I don't remember much of what else I ate, but I'm glad I got to visit the dream buffet!

??/??/?????: The Neon Cinema

The Neon Cinema always appears in dreams that happen at night. Its most relevant characteristic is the long, bright corridors that flash lights and pictures as you walk through on your way to the food area and the movie you were going to watch. I never got to watch a film in this kind of dreams.

??/??/?????: The Operatic Cinema

There's another cinema in dreams that doesn't have neon tunnels, but whose screen rooms are huge, and their seats are arranged in a semicircle, kind of like a Greek amphitheatre.

??/??/?????: The Abandoned Dinosaur Statues

A recurrent dream of mine that lasted in my memories of the waking world.

I dream I was driving with my mother through a road with forests and lakes at both sides, in the sunset. As I watch through the window, I notice there are huge dinosaur statues or animatronics between the trees, in a state of decay. Some of them are even in the lakes, "plesiosaur" ones, of course. I remember a little scene of a T-Rex "attacking" one of the plesios, half submerged in water, and one of the plesios missing its head (not because it was intended, it just got so deteriorated it fell off). The trees around these lake created hand-shapes, and I got this enormous feeling of dread, urging my mother to drive faster and leave this area as soon as possible.

I've always been a fan of attending "dinosaur expositions", which are some sort of temporary, "travelling" show that showcases 20-50 life-sized dinosaur sculptures. Some of them even have sound and moving jaws/necks/arms/tails. They are always displayed in settings with fake rocks and plants, and of course, visitors are not to touch the dinosaurs.

However, the dinosaurs in my dream... they weren't part of any exposition, they were just left there, in the middle of the forest. Unnatural, yet blending in with the environment. Abandoned statues, exposed to thhe elements of nature, sunlight, wind, water and forces of gravity and material degradation slowly but surely making them decay. "Wild" statues, statues nobody was taking care of, statues you could just reach out your hand and touch, because nobody was there to stop you. Obviously inert, yet looking so natural, like a wild animal in their environment, that you fear they will turn their decrepit heads towards you and hurt you with their degrading fiberplastic claws, teeth, tails or limbs.

Since then, I feel an enourmous special kind of dread when I see real life photos of scenarios similar to the ones I've described in this dream, one that I never feel when looking at other photos of abandoned places or objects.

??/??/?????: The Strange, Labyrinthine Store that Sells Everything

Nowadays, my subconscious prefers to focus on "hypermarkets". The most prominent one is the Mysterious Store. I could point you exactly where would it be located in real life, even if that spot currently has absolutely nothing on. This store is known for being larger than it looks on the outside, sometimes even going underground, and having unreasonably huge specific sections as well as things that don't quite belong on a hypermarket.
Examples include:

??/??/?????: The Mysterious Store's Off-shoot

The Mysterious Store seems to have some sort of off-shoot far, far away, a place I only go with my father. This one doesn't go underground or have rest areas, but it's still pretty big, maybe a bit larger than an actual hypermarket. For some reason, everytime I dream with this store and my dad I'm always a small kid. He goes to buy whatever he needs and I eventually separate from him to look at my favourite sections.

??/??/?????: The Bakery

This dream is simply about a bakery existing in a distorted reflection of my home town. What is strange is that there is an actual bakery that exists, but it's actually on the opposite side of the dream one.

??/??/?????: The Cornerstore and two Newsstands

The Cornerstore is a small store that changes layout and products depending of the time of the day. It had sweet buns earlier, and meats and pastries later.

A few streets further, there is a newsstand, and another one on the other side of town, crossing a bridge. I like to go these places, looking for magazines.

??/??/?????: Assorted Pretty Places Just a list of lovely places I visited in dreams. They're often just the imaginery, with not much plot behind them.
??/??/????: "Holiday Town"

This town in dreams is a place I often go as a holiday or as a field trip. It's sort of placed near the sea, but I never got to actually see the sea there. There's a neighbourhood area where wealthy people live in cozy-looking houses with gardens overgrown with vines (but in a lovely way). The people living here, although wealthy, are very nice and friendly and generous.

Further on, after some pretty empty streets, there's a funfair that has a lot of screens and bright lights. I feel it's a very "metallic" funfair that focuses more in rides similar to those "4D simulator" cabins, at least aesthetic-wise.

There is also a subway station you can just slide in. As in, instead of your usual stairs, there's a huge slide you're encouraged to sit down and slide into as if it was a playground. I actually want to use this idea for Tooneiros: slides for the buildings, slides as in slopes in cities and open terrain, and yes, slides even in the subway! And when it rains, they could become water slides! Again, maybe not very practical in real life, but fun for fictional and dream worlds.

??/??/?????: The Parking Lot

This is a plain ol' parking lot I dreamt about more than once. Sometimes, small events like markets are hosted there or around it. There's greenery surrounding it, and you can catch a good sunset from there. Or did I grab that one from real life?

??/??/????: The Dam

This one is quite special, for it is not quite a dream, but more of a dream-like, yet real memory.

However, I must tell you beforehand that this story features some disturbing thoughts about being underwater, so please, if those topics upset you, proceed carefully.

When I was very young, I had this fun outing with part of my family to spend a day canoeing at a dam.

Back then, I knew what a dam waas because of school and cartoons, but I couldn't picture that place as a dam because it didn't have a huge concrete wall holding in all the water. I never got to see that part, and nobody even told me that was supposed to be a dam. For all I knew, that was just a very big lake! And due to the places I've frequented in my early life, I was used to the idea of a lake so big you couldn't see the other side of on the horizon.

When we were on our little rowboat/canoe, they told us to make sure we didn't drop other objects into the water, for this time, we couldn't just swim to the depths and retrieve it, because it was so deep you could never touch the bottom. This wasn't just the deepest end of the pool anymore. It was real, real, real deep.

I became aware of the watery abyss under us. I realized that I could never touch the bottom no matter how strong, how resilient, how much could I hold my breath underwater, because I was just a person, and the magnitude of this surpassed my human condition. I started to envision it almost like an endless pit filled with water. I imagined objects being dropped there, sinking for infinity, getting lost forever. And then people. People who could drown and whose bodies could never be rescued, because that "lake" was just. That. Deep.

This is probably the first time I was fully aware of the concept of mortality. The concept of real danger. The concept that if something goes wrong, things could not be okay afterwards.

I remember few things about this outing. Other than what I just wrote above, I recall having a delicious ice cream sandwich with chocolate biscuits and, when going back home, seeing some clouds intersecting the mountains in the sunset, looking like there was a lake between the mountains, as impossible as that might sound.

Ice cream sandwiches with chocolate biscuits always remind me of this memory.

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