Rarely, I dream about my own characters. The most surprising thing is, no matter the situation they end in, they always act in-character. I'm shamelessly using some of these as material for waking world stories.

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27/04/2022: Chasing Rabbits

This dream happened at my university, which felt more "magical" than usual. I had a pet rabbit, big and chocolate-colored, named "Flux". I usually use black rabbits for them, but oh well. This is why this dream, although not happening in Tooneiros or other fictional worlds, is here.

"Flux" escaped. I was looking for it, all around the school. I found other rabbits instead, and I got to pet them and see them stretch. Many of these rabbits were chocolate-colored too, but I didn't recognize them as "Flux". When I finally found them, it was different.

It was bigger than usual, had black claws, and was hairless, its skin looking like a Mutant Gnorbu. I trick to pick it up, but it growls at me. Despite being aggressive and looking so different, I know this rabbit is my "Flux". I manage to catch it, and take it to the vet in case something bad happened to it.

I got scolded by the vet because the reason it escaped was because it was bored and I wasn't giving it enough enrichment. To fix that, and please do not quote me on waking world rabbit care, I get a bigger cage and more toys, like coconut shells, and I sit next to it when I'm reading or doing homework, so I can keep it company.

This was a weird dream. At first, I thought it was about me mismanaging my projects to a point I wouldn't be able to make money out of them, but I do not care for that anymore. I asked my bf, who understands me better and can give me a second opinion when it comes to dreams, and he believes this was because this was a moment in time where I left my creative projects aside to pursue college-related projects. It's hard to learn new things and the deadlines are tight, so I often find myself straying away from my creative works from time to time. Maybe this was my subconscious trying to tell me they were being left behind.

19/04/2022: The Interrogang Doin' A Little Snoopin'

In this dream, the Interrogang were investigating about X person for some reason, by going to a bar and asking the bartender about X: where are they, how often they came there, etc. X is never present when they go asking the bartender, or even surprises them when they are on their way to finding them, kicking their ass.

It turns out the bartender was telling X about them, too, and then I had this little crossover idea of the Interrogang having to ask Speaker & Zipper first to figure out the bartender was selling them out.

18/02/2022: Bathtub of Milk

I had a dream about Flux wanting to drink a bathtub full of milk. They were arguing, to me or Rufo, I don't remember, that "it's not WATER it's MILK it's DIFFERENT it's NOT THE SAME"

26/01/2022: Flux's Sad Song

This dream came with a feeling of "my current dreams being built on crushed past dreams".

A rocky beach. Flux singing a very melancholic song, like a mix of Here Comes the Rain Again by Eurythmics and Voyage Voyage by Desireless, melody-wise.

24/01/2022: Tooneiros reimagined as a horror/sci-fi adventure series

This one is wacky but it kind of makes sense?

This was like a reinterpretation (or an AU, like the kids like to call it nowadays) of Project Tooneiros as a horror/sci-fi adventure series for teens and preteens, kinda like Goosebumps.

It focused on Rufo finding and befriending a robot (Medley) and an alien (Flux), before realizing he's a psychic. All to the tune of Lemon Demon.

I like how my subconscious has interpreted my own characters here, and it gives me Earthbound vibes.

29/07/2021: Flux's House

I was looking for the address of Flux's house over the internet. Keep in mind, Flux canonically doesn't have a house of their own, they just mooch off Rufo's.

After a while browsing many terrians without buildings, and buildings in ruins and decrepit sad little houses, I hear their voice in my mind, saying something along the lines of "I live in your mind, but thanks for thinking how would it be if I had a house".

16/03/2021: The Cursed Graffity

Another dream happening in the world of Tooneiros, this one was about a reocurring graffiti in the world, a somewhat alien grinning face. It looked like it was painted with a mix of somewhat thick paint and rust. Under it, there was a warning that damaging the graffiti would have consequences.

Cue Rufo accidentally scratching it with his nail.

The next day, he disappeared, carried away by the waves and currents of the sea. Flux and Medley were waiting at the beach for days for him to come back...

And he did reappear. Ashore. Drowned.

He was still alive, mind you, but waterlogged and unconscious. Definitely not having a good time.

His friends pull him out of the shore and onto safe ground, get the water out of him (well, mostly Medley, because Rufo is wet and Flux is afraid). After they make sure Rufo will be okay, Flux starts stomping around town, painting the cursed alien face on all the surfaces they cna find, slapping its own ears like giant paintbrushes, screaming bloody murder to try to "summon" whoever or whatever is connected to these graffitis to fight it and avenge him.

16/11/2020: Pets in Tooneiros

Before I start telling this dream, let me remind you that the concept of a "pet" does not exist in Tooneiros. All animals, no matter if they walk on two or four legs, are sentient and sapient, and if anything, four-legged animals tend to not talk as much as their two-legged cousins.

However, in this dream, these four-legged animals were pets, like Pluto is to Mickey, and almost everyone had one.

Now, this is something I haven't touched on much on the Worlds page, but Toons come from the Stork. It's a cartoon world and that's the cartooniest way for babies to be born. It's pretty much what you expect, a stork flying around delivering little Toon babies in a bundle they hold on their beak to their future families. That's all you need to know for now.

Back to our dream, it turns out these "pet Toons", these Plutos, came from another stork! A different stork created by the "original" Stork with the intention of lessening the work for themselves, by having another stork that could help them.

However, this stork ended up looking smaller and simplified, and thus, it could only deliver small, simplified Toons. Pet Toons.

30/10/2020: Iteration of Speaker & Zipper

This dream is a variant of the story my characters Speaker & Zipper are involved.

In this one, a still human Speaker had a son, and they were in a hotel during a mission of hers. She had to steal some sort of pendrive/microfilm with vital information while trying to keep her son out of her "business". However, she gets caught, dies and comes back to life as her animatronic form.

Later, she finds Zipper (as a robot, too), and it turns out that it's his son too (which, to be fair, it shouldn't be surprising at all but the dream treated it as a huge plot reveal). They tried to resume life as normal, but their son get kidnapped by the main villain. They manage to rescue him, but die "for real" in the process.

It was a mess. One of the story's "unwritten" rules is that Speaker & Zipper never had kids - one, because in their current state, they can't, and two, because back when they could, having a child would be too dangerous for their current line of work. If anything, the dream exemplifies why.

??/??/????: Assorted Tooneiros Dreams

While technically a "place" dream, it is related to my creations, so it goes here.

Some of my happiest dreams are about me being able to visit or see Tooneiros from afar. It's immediately recognizable because of its checker-patterned hills, although sometimes I see more than just that.

When I wake up from these dreams I often try to draw what I saw in them, resulting in sketches that could be incomprehensible to anyone but me. One of these dreams recommended me to incorporate the square/checker pattern in a more "natural" way.

20/09/2020: Trini Saves Me From a Killer Clown

This dream involved some of my characters and me on a quest around the world. I think it was in Neopia because the final place was one of the lands there.

We visit the second-to-last place in our quest, which I'm gonna call "Hyperviolence Town" because well. The idea was like this place was themed around an extremely violent videogame involving a slasher butcher. It looked dingy and there were props everywhere, like racks full of paper-cut guys and whatnot. Just like the game in real life, and with fake props, right?

The thing is, there was a general feeling of unease, and not just because you were in the Disneyland version of a slasher movie, but it was more like "we shouldn't stay here for too long". As if the more you stayed in that place, the more it would deviate from some reasonably harmless theming to actually involving people getting hurt.

Before leaving Hyperviolence Town in this narration, I would like to highlight some places inside it:

Okay, at this point, you might be asking why is this dream in "Characters" and not in "Places". You see, at the point where we were getting out of town, a killer clown ambushed my party. We were running around trying to escape him but Trini got his attention by screaming how much of a hapless lady she was, and then she let her head "drop down" from the direction her body was running and lodged herself into the mouth of the clown and exploded. It really surprises me how Trini of all things saved me in this dream.

??/??/????: Flux and the Granola Bars

I was fighting some nerd at the park, and for some reason the only way to defeat him was granola bars. I asked Flux to retrieve them while I was fending the nerd off.

Flux arrived to the kitchen, and found the granola bars, and immediately started to eat something else to avoid eating the granola bars.

What I really like about this nonsensical dream is 1. how accurate it was to their personality & 2. how Flux knew what was going to happen and actively did something to avoid something bad happening because of their own fault. It's like, they knew they couldn't resist eating an important plot item, and that's why they tried to fill their belly with something else instead to prevent the consequences.

19/05/2019: Flux's Breakdown

This dream was more serious than the usual Tooneiros affair. It was about Rufo trying to talk to a frenzied Flux, who was shaped into some sort of "monster", but I can't remember the details. All I remember is that they had Rufo under a giant clawed hand, threatening to dig their nails into him.

I think he tried to call them by their name, prompting Flux to say: "Don't call me that again! Because a name is but a pitiful attempt to belong with you and the rest of them."

It was as if they fully embraced the labels those who rejected them gave them and didn't want to look back, and Rufo was trying to bring him back to normal, to let them know they are loved and accepted with him, but there was a struggle.

22/11/2018: Speaker's Voice

This dream was pretty ordinary, it was just me writing and trying to describe the voice of Speaker, one of my characters (no, she hasn't appeared anywhere else in this website yet, bear with me).

"Her voice was somewhat deep, but more natural sounding, with a lowkey NY accent and a sort of manner that made it seem she was on drugs a long time ago."

Overall I do believe her voice is kind of deep for a woman and newyorkian, and a bit raspy. That's... a creative way to describe "raspy".

07/09/2018: Bick x Trini

This is the start of "Trini can get as many boyfriends/girlfriends as she wants".

This dream was about Bick & Trini being the main couple of a cheesy love story and finally reuniting together in the canyon. They promise to meet eachother again and the "film" ends sooner than usual: credits roll... the credits take longer than usual... and at the end, the only thing on screen is the sentence they said to vow to meet eachother. And Bick pops up like "HEEEEY we still gotta do that!" and the film resumes.

26/04/2018: Bick & Trini in Ice Balloons

Bick and Trini were hosting an event on the beach, on a wooden stand, to promote several balloon-based products. Rufo was in charge of the music, I think.

At one point, Bick goes: "We took it a step further... no more water balloons... what's in vogue now is ICE BALLOONS!!". And Trini chucks a frozen water balloon to the public, and it hits someone on the head, making a loud bell noise.

Earlier in the game, there was a trainer offering me a trade. You know, one of those in-game trades that was practically worthless. He offered me a Pidgey for a Pokémon much harder to obtain (probably a Pikachu?), at a point where everybody has already caught a Pidgey and trained it at a good level.

Okay, I admit, this dream is more sad than scary, but it follows creepypasta conventions, hence the name.

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