My mind comes up with many made-up stories, cartoons and movies, probably because I am very attached to those kind of medias. Some are entirely original, while others look like weird spin-offs of known franchises in the waking world.

10/11/2022: Swagberry's Little Brother

Alright, just in case we're not in the same page: "Swagberry" is how I call Malina, a raspberry mask who is also my favourite Bulgarian mask. I was so heartbroken by her early elimination that sometimes, Dreamworld treats me with some snippets of what could have been: like a rock ballad version of Someone Like You by Adele, sung by her wielding an electric guitar. I don't remember the date of that dream so that's why I'm adding it here.
Either way, in this particular dream, I don't remember what was sung but there was this backup dancer that looked like a strawberry version of Malina, only shorter, chubbier and dressed up kinda like Piglet. I immediately declared that he was her little brother.

It's kind of weird how my dreams like to manifest family members when my characters are disconnected from their families by default. They're just on their own, living nowhere near where their biological families could also appear... yet my dreams gave a mother to a plant character of mine, and now this. It's also interesting how everytime I create a "cool", outspoken, not-immediately-nice female character, I worry I made them too "mean" and the remedy ends up being giving them a little buddy (often a younger family member) for them to love and protect. I feel kind of conflicted about this approach.

25/09/2022: A Forgotten Online Game

My bf and I were revisiting a beach we visited in real life, but through a forgotten online game, one of those "walking chatrooms" with an avatar, like Club Penguin or Poptropica.

Visually, it looked like My Little Pony Friendship Gardens and it's main quirk was that you could make your avatar out of any asset of the game as long as you "unlocked" it.

I picked an avatar that was a GIF of a tiny fairy with a pink glittery dress, riding a big pink unicorn with a blonde mane. My bf picked an early CGI bubble because nothing in the game was masculine enough for him (!?).

We were visiting the beach through this game (picture the Friendship Gardens pink UI with a photorealistic beach as the main screen). My bf's bubble avatar was invisible most of the time, and I don't know if that was because it glitched, or blended with the background, or what.

06/09/2022: Capsule Children

This is not exactly a dream for a media in particular but I think this is an idea that fits very well any kind of media with fantastical creatures that doesn't want to delve too deep on how baby critters are made and allows itself to be creative.

In order to have a child, all you had to do was to obtain a capsule from a special capsule machine (those that usually give out toys), and carefully raise the capsule you obtain like an egg, until it "hatches" (aka opens on its own).

30/08/2022: Iguana Kid

In this dream, a friend yet to be met was telling me the story of a guy who did some really stupid shit back when he was alive. He had a pet marine iguana, paid to have a cartoon about himself, and eventually got killed by said pet iguana. Or something terrible happened in such a way that they had to put them both (the guy and the iguana) down.

The cartoon was about him being a "half kid half iguana", sort of an American Dragon: Jake Long kind of story, but it was very cheap, as if made for a less reputable cartoon channel.


In this dream, I watched the news about someone announcing on Twitter they were selling the clothes of a disappeared person for 10,000$. Pictures of the clothes turned out to be made with a program named with some sort of cutesy, ridiculous, slightly inappropiate name, something like "Chochongo" or something. This program was hosted on a website with the same name, and I could describe it as a 2D picture editor with 3D progream features: if you were to drag a stick around with your mouse on that program, you wouldn't just grab the whole stick and move it around, but it would bend around the point you clicked it on, as if it had physics. It could also automatically make wrinkles on things as they were bent or broadened and stuff, and I got this impression the program would work great on animating rubberhose characters, which is why I was eager to try it.

Thing is, Chochongo allegedly had also a pretty sordid backstory which is also why it made the news. The program itself was alright, but the website toted itself as being for children, and you could believe that with its sort of design, being mostly soft pink, with a "puffy" look to it and big round colorful titles in pastel tones. However, it also apparently hosted videos of the couple that owned the website, videos of themseles pinching eachother. It's probably meant to look cute akin to a tickle fight, but it felt uncomfortable instead, as if you knew they were in a dysfunctional relationship and you were just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

Then, I only remember tidbits like bootleg merch of the website (crayons and coloured pencils whose boxes were also puffy pink) and apparently one of the members of the couple cheating the other with a woman.

17/07/2022: Cookie Run Stopmotion Youtube Animated Series

Note: I do not know anything about Cookie Run, I have never played or been interested in Cookie Run, all I know about Cookie Run is by the fandom.

In this dream, I got introduced to an official Cookie Run animated Youtube serie by fellow buddies. It was claymation, but in a crude way, like you could see fingerprints and twisted clay, as if it got worn out by all the use it was being given, and maybe the people behind the series weren't claymation professionals, but it had a lot of movement and it was very charming.

The story centered around a "school of magic" kind of setting with the cookies, and the plot often was about accidentally releasing a weird monster (always either live-action or 2D or any other kind of mixed media) and having to do something about it.

I fell in love with a particular cookie and it became my favourite character. When I woke up I asked my friends about what cookie would be, but I think my mind made it up.

They had a big hat/bandanna covering their eyes most of the time, and a few curls poking out of it. They dressed in cozy winter clothes (I remember a big coat-ish jacket) that had a maritime theme. They collected seashells, and other beach treasures, and made little crafts out of them.

Every craft had the name of it and "-arel" written on it (ex. "Lucky Charmarel"). The cookie didn't talk at all, but I feel if they did, they would stick "-arel" at the end of every sentence just like Captain N's Kid Icarus.

In the waking world, I've decided this is a Saltwater Taffy cookie, and that their aesthetic is "kid who's main interest is pirates and their mom wouldn't let them yar-har all the way to the grocery store so they had to make a compromise with what they wear". A bit too specific to be immediately marketable, but hey.

15/07/2022: MSPaint Eevee Comic Cartoon

There was this channel on TV that instead of being some sort of Western-made "anime" block, it was an actual channel from Japan that somehow got into our Western TVs. I went to watch it with my university buddies after we loitered around several supermarkets for a while just before they closed, picking up snacks and drinks. Said channel played Anpanman, One Piece, documentaries about Kaiju, and the most baffling of them all:
A cartoon adaptation of, well, you know those amateur webcomics that are about Eevee and its Eeveelutions living together in a house? One that has "lolrandom" humor and looks like it was made in MSPaint? Yeah, those.

It looked like a "reanimated" project, but if every single artist involved was, let's say, very, very new to animation. It had wildly different styles for every single shot of the show, every single homemade way conceivable: you had your usual beginner Flash animation and Flipnote, but it also had crude stop-motion and sometimes it was just paper cutouts on a stick or plushies or figurines sliding across the screen.
The plot made absolutely no sense at all. It began with Eevee and the Eevelutions being lolrandom in their house, but soon enough there were lots of "cameos" from other videogame characters that made you think what their legal owners think of that being on TV. At one moment, the plot just forgot it was about Eeveelutions all together because they stopped appearing and it focused on Mario and Halo Guy being in space or something.
My buddies were puzzled, as in "wtf is this shit and why are we still watching it", but I was fascinated about how something like this was on TV and wondering what does Nintendo (and other videogame companies) think of this and if they did approve of this being made using their characters.
I also remember the intro of the show always started with a shiny Eevee that never appeared in-show.

01/07/2022: "The Curse"

It was a film called "The Curse", about a street in London where nobody makes it out alive. It felt very B-movie-ish.

Apparently, a movie called like that exists in the waking world, but it's an adaptation of the Colour Out of Space.

07/05/2022: Joel's Incredibly Shitty Zoo Tycoon DS Livestream

For some reasons, sleep loops end with some really crazy media dreams.

This one was about me watching a stream of Joel playing Zoo Tycoon for the DS. There was a 5 person multiplayer mode (!?) and the intro music was just "PARK, PARK, PARK TYCOON! ZOO TYCOON ZOO TYCOON ZOO TYCOON ZOO TYCOON" to the tune of Dschinghis Khan.

It was so cringe I woke up.

02/05/2022: My bf's CGI cartoon

I dreamt my bf made an animation short using pre-existing CGI models. It was about Robotnik calling his underlings to do his bidding, them lazying out, and him punishing them.

They weren't Scratch & Grounder or Orbot & Cubot, because he couldn't find models of them for free and had to make do. They were three underlings, but I don't remember the third one.

One was a humanoid robot named Tyler, who looked like either a twink Spamton or his excolleagers. The other was named Bunny Girl, and was a cyborg who looked like a squat Barbara, but with small telescopic robot eyes and a little rabbit tail (which is why she was called Bunny Girl). Third sidekick was either more robotical than Bunny Girl or completely biological, but I remember absolutely nothing about them.

It was very well animated, impressively so for someone with no experience with animation as is my bf. I even got a bit jealeous.

24/04/2022: Ponytopia/Ponytropolis/Pony City

This show could be described as Filly Funtasia meets Trollz. It was about 2000's cartoon-styled colorful ponies living in a city, with modern technology, internet, giant monsters, magic powers and superheroes. Defo taking inspiration from My Little Pony, but also trying to be its own thing.

In-dream, I remarked that the Internet was very present in the cartoon, but felt more "real" than current modern depictions of the Internet. Lately, every time the Internet appears in a cartoon show, it's all about taking a picture or a video and uploading it to bootleg Instagram/Youtube for a bajillion views. This "internet" felt more 2000-esque, but the ponies had to pay attention to both what happened on the Internet and real life, kinda like us nowadays.

There was also a browser game inspired by this cartoon, kinda like Club Penguin in the sense that it was a glorified chatroom with not much else to do there. Kinda like Habbo, too, because you'd go on elevators inside buildings to go to different areas.

I was checking what the game had to offer when I got kicked out by two sun object-heads, claiming this was an "adults only" room. I was like "wtf they can't have that in a children's game" and came to the conclusion these two were roleplaying yaoi and didn't want someone to find out and report them.

05/02/2022: The Supernatural Murder Mysteries

In this dream, youtuber reviewer of murder mysteries, point-and-click games and horror media aimed at kids/preteens PushingUpRoses began reviewing her favourite episodes of a live-action series about supernatural murder mysteries. It had this clever old lady protagonist, like Jessica Fletcher, solving mysteries in a haunted hotel. Every episode featured a different supernatural entity, often a victim related to a tragic success. I remember three of these episodes:

I got pretty upset when I woke up from this one. It all felt like a legit, cool series that should have been real, it should exist here in the waking world, but it doesn't.

06/01/2022: Mynci Thermalodeus D'Flask

This dream was set in a Victorian/Steampunk setting with some magic and science mixed in with good measure. It was about a rich, human family who lived in a mansion and formed an alliance with a family of test tube object-heads which were made of "soft glass": a material that was flexible like the human body, yet fragile like glass.

I only knew of one of these object-heads. Her head was one of those wide, triangular flasks (think Dexter's Lab and you'll know which one I'm talking about). She had a cartoony face "molded" into the glass and was filled with a warm, copper-colored liquid. Her name was something ridiculously fancy and punny, something along the lines of "Mynci Thermalodeus D'Flask". She wore a little labcoat, and her parents were test tubes too, but I only saw her in the dream.

At one point, her head fell down from the window and crashed. Everybody freaked out, her body was mobing around without her head and the children of the family were trying to tell the adults, but something was stopping them and I don't know what. Sometimes, Mynci's "body" would be actually empty like the object-heads in Tooneiros, sometimes she would have a glass neck filled with liquid still sticking out of her shirtneck.

Eventually, the adults noticed what happened and they decided the most important thing was to find "the core", which apparently was located in Mynci's head and stored all her memories and personality.

15/11/2021: "The Worst Cartoon Ever"

I once dreamt I was at a bar or something and saw a cartoon on TV that made me very mad, and I claimed it was "the worst cartoon ever. It was about the Peanuts gang, but in a futuristic space world like the Jetsons.

The fact that something like this now exists, and that I got so mad at such an innocent concept makes me believe we live in a truly cursed timeline.

EDIT: Caved in and watched Snoopy in Space. It's cute! I don't know what dream me was so mad about. This gets to be even worse than the cartoons of the Man who Wanted to End cartoons?? Did I just throw a hissy fit in a dream or are the cartoons in dreamworld so good that Space Peanuts is irredeemable in comparison??

26/08/2021: #80: The Last Mouse on Earth

This one was about a Geronimo Stilton book. It the 80th one and it was called, well, what you're reading on the tab.

It was about the eponymouse character requesting, out of the blue, for a pretty mouse lady to spend an afternoon alone with him. However, along the way, they somehow end up in a desert island. He freaks out, they try to survive and find a way back home.

Book cover looked a bit ominous. It was just Geronimo, looking behind himself scared, on an island-like scenario (just sand and a palmtree), and the sky was dark and cloudy.

24/07/2021: Space Jam 2

Note: I had this dream before actually watching Space Jam 2. Butthead was right.

I was tasked with drawing in-betweens for the traditional animation bits, but I used a textured brush and thus the lineart boiled everywhere (in other words, it was all wobbly like in Ed Edd & Eddy).

In this dream version of the film, the Looney Tunes switched from traditional to CGI and the other way around with no rhyme or reason, back and forth.

I remember a scene where Lola was walking on a tightrope and begging Bugs to distract her from looking down by telling her a story about some other girl. Then, later, when Bugs gets on the tightrope too, they lay down on it, and start flirting, only for Lola to say "Hey, I already knew how to do all this stuff, what about you?". Bugs realizes he's laying down on a tightrope, panics, falls down, the classic cartoon gag.

I always had this feeling that Lola should be able to outsmart Bugs by flirting with him, or at least that's my two cents on the whole "what do we do with Lola" discourse. Like she could be a "flighty and flirty" character, but also a trickster like Bugs. Could have been a fun character that could lead to fun dynamics.

Anyway the last "cameo" I saw was Butthead manifesting right next to my seat and beating me with a stick 45 minutes into the film telling me the movie sucks and to watch something else.

29/05/2021: Barbie Flies

This was a Barbie movie that had FLIES as the mascot character. They were cartoony, and cute, and had rubberhose limbs complete with little white gloves, but they were distinctly and unmistakeably cartoon flies, complete with an emerald green & black color scheme.

23/04/2021: The Masked Dancer Wedding Special

In this dream, The Masked Dancer (the US version) was revived for the sole purpose of marrying two masks together in the form of a wedding like performance.

Said masks were Hammerhead and a mask that, despite my dream convincing me "it was in the last season but I just forgot about him", isn't actually real: Ghost.

"Ghost" wore a hoodie made out of bandages, chains, strips of cloth and sneakers. His face was a garbage pail lid with a face spray-painted on.

29/01/2021: Monthy Python Medieval Fantasy Movie

I was watching this one with my bf. It was not "& the Holy Grail", it was a new movie with more fantastic costumes, kinda like Labyrinth. It had a dragon and a flamboyant gay catman. He was funny.

I feel this film could also be described as "D&D Party Movie but Monthy Python", but I'm mostly writing this one down because I remember my bf laughing a lot with this film and that was a joy to watch.

16/11/2020: The Man Who Wanted to End Cartoons

I think I once met my nemesis in the Dreamworld. The Anti-Corrupted.

He didn't like cartoons, at all. He hated anything that was silly and nonsensical and whimsical - the typical smartass that goes "why doesn't Wile E. Coyote just order food" or "according to all laws of aviation, it would be impossible for an elephant to fly with its ears" and believes he's so big brain because of it.
He wanted cartoons to be as realistic as they could be without becoming live-action: we're no longer talking about serious storylines or realistic consequences for slapstick shenanigans, but you'll see what he meant.

He brought his own cartoon to demonstrate. It was so bad. It wasn't actually even "realistic-looking" like rotoscoping or anything you would consider a "realistic" cartoon.

It looked like trippy effects but on a low, low budget and made by someone who hates trippy effects. Like pictures were only there for one (1) frame, they slided off the screen for no reason, it was objectively bad. As if someone who doesn't know how animation works and hates cartoons had to be asked to make a cartoon on Powerpoint. Which was pretty much the case.

It was about animals, and they were painted on heavy oil paint, like in a canvas. Again, the artistic quality was sub-par, made by a man with no experience that hated the subject.

Nobody clapped at the screening, only two kissasses. He was the lack of success, got alarmed and put on another film. Apparently, I knew this film from before, as if I heard of this man on the Internet and this was again, his proposal to replace cartoons with. This film got pretty infamous and I was like "oh no".

Again, it was trippy but shitty, but this time it was made with a collage of photos moved around digitally. Think Angela Anaconda, but worse, because let me reiterate once again, this was made by a man who knew nothing about art and hated it. You could see the tears of the images where they ripped them off and even the controllers of the program he used to move stuff around.

??/??/????: HTF on TV

Another lowkey recurrent dream is seeing Happy Tree Friends on TV. Sometimes, these dreams will involve trying to keep a young family member from watching it, as they're unaware of the goreish violence of the cartoon.

I still can't believe HTF actually aired on TV for a while

15/06/2020: Fictional characters are inherently made of ink

Maybe not as "legendary" as previous dreams, but I had this one where it stated all fictional characters conceived by human imagination were made of ink, and someone/something out there was taking the ink out of them, turning them into blank, frozen statues.
I recall the image of one of these statues with the ink splattering behind them, but that's all I remember.

15/06/2020: Dreamworld Artfight (???)

This dream started as a Deviantart drawing meme in which people drew monsters and made them fight with other artists' monsters. They made up stats, attacks, all that stuff. It was a fun way to exercise your imagination and draw other people art of their creations in the process.

In order to explain how it worked, someone drew a comic in which a girl defeats some nerd's monster with her own monster, while exemplifying how the meme works.

The last panel was on one corner of the publication, looking "cel-damaged", and it depicted the nerd brewing a new monster to defeat the girl with.

08/02/2020: Dreamworld 3 Dog Band

Alright, for this one, you might need some additional context.

My favourite cartoon pilot ever is 3 Dog Band. It's a nifty 7 minutes and a half packed full of good ol' classic Cartoon Network artstyle, sweet jams, and awesome animation. I find it a huge tragedy that this little cartoon hasn't been picked up to be developed into a full series. At least, in this reality.

In dreams, apparently MTV (!!!) contacted its creator, Paul Rudish, to make mini-episodes or shorts out of it. The one I got to watch featured a female bouncer dog that hated everything that could be perceived as a pick-up line (making the guitarist character get into a lot of trouble), and had a superheroine secret identity, for some reason.

Apparently the short won the "MTV Thanos Awards", whatever that means. Also, all the background characters were changed to dogs.

??/??/2019?: John Carter's "The Thing"

According to Dreamworld, "The Thing" by John Carter (the dream stressed it was the John Carter version and nothing less) is about a girl who purchases a pet kiwi (the aforementioned "Thing"), and her boyfriend being deeply unsettled by it. This was not the Thing disguised as a kiwi as it tends to do, this was just a plain ol' ordinary regular kiwi bird.

12/1/2018: Object-Head Coloring Book

In this dream I bought a coloring book from a dollar store that was themed around object-heads, including two bootleg Right Now Kapow characters.
Ngl I'd buy something like this in real life, even if I'm not much of a coloring person myself.

12/1/2018: The Tragic Alien Story

This dream was about an alien that came down to Earth to ask for help for his friends even if he knew his mere presence was a threat to humanity.

Said alien looked kinda like a Xenomorph, but he was apparently made of fungus, all moldy green and grey. He was way less detailed than his H.R. Giger cousin, and his swept-back cranium looked like an isopod. He also had a short, triangular tail in the same fashion. He was quadrupedal, but he looked more like a person walking on all fours rather than a proper four-legged animal.

When he arrived to Earth, part of his head got sliced in the process, but he was still able to communicate telepathically (or, in his words, "invading the minds of other people"). A scientist would reconstruct him to undo his damage and then he would be taken to some sort of intergalactic police on Earth, but to do that they must disguise themselves. To do so, the intergalactic policeman would be dressed as a ringleader while the alien would be disguised as a tiger. The alien was okay with all of this except the "looking like a circus animal" part.

However, after the whole ordeal was done, he would have to be killed off (burned to death with a flamethrower), because as stated before, his mere presence was a threat for humankind.

And the thing he needed to help his friends? New headphones. Translucent and glittery.

10/11/2017: The HTF-esque Whatamacallits in a Roger Rabbit Universe

This one was about a Roger Rabbit/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends kind of world where fictional characters came to life. Each character is "owned" by their author in the sense that both characters and author live in the same house and the author becomes some sort of "manager" for them, since, once created, characters will act on their own according to the backstory and personality their author has given them.

This sounds really cool, right? Well, problem is, in this dream I got stuck with a gang of violent, rainbow-colored whatamacallits hellbent on killing everything. Like extra-vicious Looney Tunes/Tom & Jerry characters made for adult audiences, or bootleg Happy Tree Friends, if you will. They weren't any specific animal species, just "critters". Following Roger Rabbit rules, cartoon violence hurts "real" people in the way you expect it to do, so they were highly dangerous.

In this dream, as their "manager", I got visited by executives who wanted me to tone them down (which I don't know if I can do once the characters are created) so they'd be more "palatable" to a general audience, under the threat of cancellation. On the other half, my gang of killer critters tried to slaughter them in turn, each one with its own preferred way. I had to reunite my characters to tell them the news, stop both parties from interferring with eachother, and was waiting for the visit of a longtime friend who, for some reason, couldn't "see" fictional characters.

I don't quite remember all the members of the Splatterstick Squad, but I recall being around 10-12 members, kind of on the short side, and all of them being male. I will try to describe anybody I remember:

Overall, I really like this dream and its whole story. I feel that if I were good at writing "adult" stuff I could make something funny and deranged out of it, like Happy! Sometimes I go back to this dream and try to draw its characters and come up with the rest of the squad. I feel like there ought to be a blue one with a knack for asphixiation and a pink one who's weapon of choice is several poisons and diseases.

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