Hi, I'm Corrupted Unicorn, just like the homepage says. I'd rather not share my real name in this virtual space in case the digital faeries find me.
I'm an Animation & Game Design student from Spain.
I'm older than 20, younger than 30, yet still feeling constantly old & inadequate.
My birthday is the 11th of February, which means I am an Aquarius.
I use she/her pronouns, don't worry if you get it wrong, tho.
I don't own any pets, for I want to make sure I can provide them with enough time, resources and enrichment.
I made this website because I'm sick of social media constrains and algorythms and bullshit. I can finally find peace in here.
I plan to make this website a haven for my art, my ideas and the things I like


*this just means I enjoy seeing birds and other animals out and about.


Recurring themes in art:

I'd love to make shrines out of my favourite things but for now they'll be here for reference.