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Character List

  1. DJ Rufo
  2. Flux
  3. Medley
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A 30's cartoon trying to make it big as a DJ in a crazy, chaotic, constantly changing, yet stuck in the 90s world. His signature style is a mix of techno, dance and house, with a bit of eurobeat & happy hardcore mixed in for good measure.

Rufo has a fairly friendly and laidback disposition, but tends to be too clueless and naïve for his own good, often unaware of the intentions of many other Toons who want to screw him over for the sake of a cheap thrill. However, this allows him to put appearances behind when it comes to meeting new people and making friends.

Rufo's goals in life are simple: make everyone have a good time with his music, get enough to get by and maybe bring the old band he played in back

Fun facts!


Neither animal or object, neither male or female, nobody knows where Flux came from - all we know is that they're made of ink and they're Rufo's go-to (and only) roadie.

Theatrical, dramatic, emotional, and a complete showoff, Flux can shapeshift itself into all sorts of things and shapes, but everyone else seems either uninterested or terrified by this. Thus, they stick around Rufo and Medley in search of food and fame.

Flux is, above all, desperate: for food, for friends, and for fame. However, their erratic and socially awkward behavior often prevents them from achieving these goals.

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Rufo's boombox turned friend, he's the "only sane man" of the trio and mediator between Rufo's airheadedness, Flux's erraticness and the rest of the world.

Unlike his show-oriented pals, Medley doesn't like the spotlight much, to the point he'd rather stay off-screen. Nevertheless, you'll be sure to hear his musical contributions to whatever's going on: he's pretty much the story's background music! And whenever the situation gets dicey, Medley will step in to protect his friends with the only way he knows: reckless violence.

Observational, serious and snarky, Medley seems to stay mellow unless it's time to wreck havoc. Despite having to get his friends out of messes more often than not, he's incredibly loyal to them, but sometimes wonders what life would be like if he lived on his own.

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