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Who am I?

My name is Corrupted Unicorn (or just "Corrupted" for short.)

This is but a name I have given to myself.
Unicorns are symbols of purity, childhood innocence, and seeing the good, kind and beautiful in the world.
However, life is not always fair. The world we live in is as capable of horror, cruelty and trauma as it is of good stuff.
Knowing this, I have become Corrupted, and there is no way to go back.

This said, the awful cannot blind me to the wonderful of the world, and the other way round. Both can, and do coexist.

This is why my mascot is two-faced, for both the world and the people are multi-faceted beings, able of both awful and wonderful things. The design of my mascot is simple, perhaps even a bit stereotypical, yet effective in transmitting this message.

I'm an artist. A modeller. An animator. A game maker. A gamer. A child. A reasonable person. An unstoppable force of rage. An eternal apprentice. A repressed horse girl and rave girl. A bohemian. All of these and more exist within myself.
Every person is an uni-verse (hah) and I am no exception.

With this said, what do I really do here?

This is my haven. My own piece of the Web for me to customize and store my most precious things in. Things I want to share with the world.
These include my art, my thoughts, the things I like, and my ideas.

My main inspirations draw from other artistic worlds. I am particularly drawn to the audiovisual medium, including the interactible kind, and especially the world of cartooning and animation. I dream of impossible things, and this is the path to bring them to our reality.
I am unconventional. I do not always follow the main currents of what is popular, or sold right now. I do not thrive in large communities, where every bit has already been picked apart and experience is regurgitated from other people.
I find delight in the obscure, the forgotten, the mocked. I enjoy experiencing them on my own terms and drawing my own conclusions. I do not enjoy having someone else tell me what to think about something.
I also believe good things can be appreciated on almost any kind of media, no matter how childlish, unpopular, or "bad". Everything can have something good: an interesting design, character or idea that perhaps has fallen flat due to poor execution. But perhaps, someone else can pick up these failed ideas, dust them off, and bring them to light in a new way that works.

And thus, I look for inspiration in the good, the bad, and especially the weird and obscure. I honor those forgotten pieces, and sometimes I make those ideas mine, and try to rework them into something new and completely different.
Results may vary tho, because I have never said I am an expert at this. Despite that, I enjoy tinkering and experimenting and playing around.

My work results in drawings, in designs, in written analysis and rambles. With enough time and a pinch of luck, they might join together to become entire fictional worlds, and from these worlds, anything can result: stories, cartoons, games...
I am working and learning to bring my ideas and worlds to life. And this is where this website comes in.

What about this website?

I have denominated this place a "digital haven", for it will store everything I have created and wish to share with the world.

Everybody desires to be the best at what they love most. We all want our work to be appreciated and loved by millions and millions of people. Maybe we even want to be able to live from it.
In my case, I want to make cartoons, just like the ones you see on TV. My dream could be described as something like "I want to have a show on Cartoon Network". For this reason I make art, stories and animation, and I learn to get better at these things. We all heard the story of how if we work really hard, we can make everything we wish come true. And I am just a person, but I am sure I work pretty hard.
I've always kept my ideas to myself, tucking them away inside my mind and scraps of paper in hopes one day they would get the golden chance to be shown on TV, clean, perfect, just like the many other cartoons I watched and enjoyed.

However, as the years progressed, I realized it takes more, way more than passion for what you love and hard work to make a big desire like this come true. To get a show on TV, I would have to spend at least 5-10 years in the animation industry, meet the right people, be in the right place in the right time, and be able to manage a large and varied team. Maybe I would had been to be born in a different place or studied somewhere else.
We've all heard the tales of success, but what about those who for some reason or another, they couldn't make their dreams come true? Are they less "worthy" because their work isn't seen and consumed by the masses? I don't think so.
I am not trying to say this as in "it's too hard, so I gave up". No, I mean that, in order to make a dream like this come true, it takes more than pure elbow grease. It also needs factors that I cannot control or that are in other people's hands.
With this said, why should I "wait" for a big chance that might or might not happen? What if the golden opportunity never knocks my door, and I waste away and with me, all my creations?

This is the other purpose of this website. I want to give my creations a "home" away from my mind, somewhere they can get the chance to be discovered and appreciated. No longer will I keep my beasts of imagination caged, waiting for some rich executive to take interest in them to finally unleash them to the world. I don't need someone else to decide when and how will they be shown to the world.
Whether that golden chance happens or not, through this website I ensure my creations will be able to live on outside my mortal mind.
Likewise as I did with large communities, I do not fare well in "social media" either. More and more, those places have turned unfriendly towards their users, pitting them against eachother, and caring more about profit than freedom of speech and a fair chance for all to share.
While having a "presence" in those websites might be a necessary evil, I have realized I need a virtual space of my own where I can set my own rules.
And thus, this site was born, in a lovely nostalgic flavour of the golden years of the free Internet.

Voyager of the Web, welcome to my online abode. Feel free to explore my creations at your leisure. I wish you a pleasant and inspiring journey.

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