4/04/22: Added a Credits page! For now, it's only accessible thru Others, but I want to give it a much more dignified space sometime.

31/03/22: Hello from the other side! I've been learning new things and making small changes here and there, but this is one of the big ones! I added a splash page with some of the text from here, because let's face it, it was getting cluttered around here! Don't forget to say hello to my Gifypet below!

15/03/22: Back to the drawing board! I'm taking a break so I can learn more cool HTML tricks to make my website richer. I need to focus a little more on quality this time!

8/03/22: Added a second shrine for Pokemon! It's a bit rough around the edges but the main gist is there. What's important is that there's now a virtual place for one of my favourite battle monsters. I also added a page for blinkies I collected - but be warned, it flashes a lot!

2/03/22: First addition to the "Others" page is a page for adoptables, webpets and other endearing virtual critters that have made of my website their home. I plan to add similar pages for buttons, blinkies, stamps and other neat stuff.

28/02/22: Welcome to the first Lunes de Links! I started a link page where I will share all the useful and interesting webpages I find while surfing on the web. It's got 15 links to start and I plan to add more every Monday. If you see a link you've got on your own link page, consider yourself a person of GREAT taste!!!

26/02/22: Introducing the Shrines page! I've been working on several things these weeks, but I felt a rush that pushed me to finish at least one shrine page for this weekend. I hope I don't get burnt out!

14/02/22: Happy Valentine's Day! I'm starting to add some cool people's websites on the neighbour column (the one on the left). I'm also adding a special Valentine's picture to my gallery.

13/02/22: Update log first added! Also learning how to layout my site in these neat little windows and sidebars. There's still a lot to be done, but I'm having fun!