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The Wrong Side of the Rainbow

Hello, and welcome all to my unicorn shrine! Unicorns (and by proxy, all fantasy horses) are my favourite fantastical animals! They are one half of my internet moniker, after all. I believe they should be written about as much as dragons, and this corner on the web is my humble contribution, cataloguing and writing new information about unicorns beyond frappucinos and rainbow poop.
So join me where the sun kisses the sea, on cotton candy skies, and follow the rainbow while I tell you all about these legendary creatures.

I've always liked horses and unicorns since I was a kid, but I was wary of liking excessively girly media, so I avoided the "cutesy" ones like My Little Pony like all hell, leaning instead on more "realistic", majestic ones, like the picture above! I always liked these fantasy illustrations, it's like the femenine counterpart of the Three Wolf Moon (and I say this with love, if I ever get a van, I'd have some unicorns in a fantasy landscape airbrushed on its sides). Of course, as I grew up and my life opened beyond home and school, I realized shaming people for liking "girly" or "femenine" things was pointless, and even more ridiculous than the "airheaded girl who loves pink and ponies" stereotype they often present and mock. Nowadays, I love (and even collect!) "cuter" horses (including the aforementioned My Little Ponies), but I still love high fantasy illustrations with more realistic unicorns, and I even try to adapt unicorns to different cartoon styles. Variety is the spice of life.

As someone whos only "contact" with horses has been through media (and thus, hasn't really been raised around actual horses at all), I might have this idealized idea of them (but I love learning about real horses, too!). For me, they are this kind of big, powerful, noble beast. Sure, they also look cute, but every cute animal only gets better if they can kick your ass. And horses sure do kick, bite, stomp and trample! They oughta be feared and respected, like every animal should. However, you can also tame or befriend (probably not the most correct term, but still) a horse, and it can let you ride them and help you with tasks that require strength. Everything I just said about horses can be applied to unicorns, even amplified (they were wild ferocious beasts in medieval times, after all!) with a generous amount of magic on top.

Now, what is the magic on an unicorn, you ask? Well, earliest documents say that unicorn horns can purify water and protect from poison, tho lately people seem to interpret unicorns as a magical horse, with its horn as a wand.
Unicorn magic nowadays seems able to do anything, from walking on rainbows to pooping said rainbows. It's a fun approach to magic, but for me, the magic on an unicorn is more of a philosophy. It's about looking at the good things in your life, no matter how small they are, treasuring them in your heart, making the most of every day, loving who you are, believing in who you can be and being the best version of yourself. And if that sounds corny to you, tough luck, because this is the Unicorn Shrine after all!

So, what is there to expect from this page? Nowadays, there's so many unicorn things. They've put them into every single marketable thing. Helps that unicorns are beyond copyright. Either way, my objective with this website is to gather all the interesting, engaging and fun unicorn things I come across, from the oldest description of unicorns to the latest trend, and show them here to prove unicorns are rife with creative potential and can be much more than a pretty horsie on a phone cover. However, I must tell you two things that come with this:

  1. For something to be featured here, unicorns must be the main focus. You know what I hated the most when reading books about mythological creatures as a kid? When they gave examples of those beings in pop culture and the only thing they could muster up for unicorns was that one scene on Harry Potter where one appears for less than 5 seconds, DEAD. I'm avoiding that as much as possible here. This is a place for unicorn-centric media, not a list of "every single time an unicorn has appeared ever". You got TV Tropes for that.
  2. I only put unicorn things I like here. So yeah, I know about Unikitty, I know about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but those aren't there because they aren't my cup of tea. Early generations for me, please!
I hope you have a great time at the Unicorn Shrine! And remember, you might not believe in them, but unicorns always believe in you!