My hoard of bookmarks and useful links, now turned into a treasure trove of web surfing for everyone to check out.


Moved this to its own section! I'm very passionate about art to the point I think it deserves its own webpage. This section on the links will be kept for now, but it might get deleted one day.
Line of Action Practice drawing trying to get the "gist" of the poses/gestures shown here within a time limit! It's also a great resource for references.
Figurosity Another website with stock model photos for drawing poses, this one has the advantage of providing different perspectives for the same pose.
The Pose Archives Even more model photo references for drawing references (mild NSFW warning, models are almost nude and you'll get weird looks in a non-art context)
The Pixel Grimoire Want to learn how to make pixel art but don't know where to start? This here might be helpful.
How to clean up your traditional drawings in Photoshop I feel like this could be very useful to anybody who draws traditionally but want to show their art crisp and clean on the digital world.

Animation (General)

Animation Blindness and 5 ways to fix it Ways to make sure your animation works, especially when you're so into it you can't figure out if it works anymore. Those who animate know what I'm talking about
Animation Secret: Animating to Music A little article packed full of tips and tricks on how to synchronize your animation to music! I can't get enough of this.

3D Animation

A bunch of free 3D assets for Maya Free assets to make sceneries within your animations. Reels look much better when your character actually lives within a world, you know.
A bunch of free character rigs for Maya Free rigged characters, generic and popular ones, to tinker and play around with.
Bunny 3D model This one is paid, but it looks so good I couldn't help but put it on here too.

Game Making

Several resources from Game Maker forums. Focusing on RPG Maker, but that can be applied to other games. Mostly thoughts and suggestions on how to write a story for a game and not get stuck within a game engine's limitations.


Music Theory 101 Another RPG Maker forum thread I found interesting and should check out sometime
BeepBox An online music maker in MIDI format. Good for tinkering around.
LMMS A free, open-source music-making program.
Virtual DJ Another music-making program. This one I think is paid, but you can get a free trial.
Every Noise at Once I think this is the best thing to discover new music genres and artists you like I've ever seen. It's just likea huge sprawling cloud of links that lead you to samples of the genres and musicians within it.
NES Audio Brief Explanation A video that's less than 3 minutes long and explains how the audio on NES games works, with its different channels and all of that. Very nostalgic-sounding.

Fun crafts

How to make a Tim plushie from Balan Wonderworld Learn how to make an easy, adorable and highly customizable plush with the help of a very chipper and passionate lady! Pattern available here.
Make a Book Cover by Wikihow We all make fun of Wikihow every now and then, but this is a very helpful and illustrative guide on how to make a cover to protect your favourite book and avoid snoopers to know what you're reading.

Home stuff

A reddit post about where to donate things you no longer need Make sure it goes somewhere helpful instead of in the trash!
A sleep cycle calculator This website lets you input a time to wake up and it will give you the best hours to fall asleep in so you wake up fresh and anew.
Mom How Do I & Dad How Do I Two Youtube channels dedicated to teaching you those essential life skills you're too embarrassed to ask about because they seem so simple yet nobody has taught you.

Browser Extensions

UBlock Origin A good adblocker! The one that goes by "Adblock Plus" got bought and there's skeevy shit going on.
HTTPS Everywhere For extra safety while surfing the web.
Privacy Badger A badger buddy that blocks trackers.
Privacy Possum (Link leads to Firefox version). Privacy Possum's cousin that falsifies and tampers with the information trackers collect from you.
Decentraleyes Another privacy add-on that compliments others.
Enhancer for Youtube (Link leads to the Firefox version) An addon with plenty of utilities to make the Youtube experience less painful and more in your control.
Return Youtube Dislike Youtube might have removed them, but they still exist. Bring them back to existance with this.
Unhook Youtube Removes recommended videos and more, perfect for avoiding distractions and obnoxious thumbnails.
Image Blocker (Link leads to the Firefox version) An add-on that prevents images from loading when activated. Good for slow internets, scary pages, or anything you might come up with.
DownThemAll An extension that allows you to download all images in a webpage with a single click. Immensely useful to build up collections and backups.
Clippy Assistant This one's more for fun than for functionality. It puts Clippy on your browser so he can accompany you while you surf the internet. Has a knack for saying things depending on the website you're on!

Web surfing

Wiby A search engine that focuses on the old web.
Marginalia An experimental search engine that prioritizes text-heavy non-commercial content.
VHSearch An search engine that searches through webs created with Neocities.
Freetube A desktop app that allows you to watch Youtube without ads or other crap, also lets you subscribe to channels without an account.
SadGrl's Web Surfing Resources A collection of tools, links and resources beyond the one you're in right now to help you see the evolution of the Internet with different eyes, as well as resources to make your surfing experience more personalized and comfortable.
Omoulo's Articles on Digital Wellbeing A series of writings that make you think about the time you spend online and how, and resources to reclaim your life and attention back. I think this is an important issue that goes very unheard lately that could benefit many people if they paid attention on how much time they spend on social media.
Dark Pattern Games This is more about mobile games than web surfing, but this page points out mechanics behind mobile games that make them so addicting, and scores them according to how many of these they have.
Free Rice Play a trivia game, learn things, earn rice for those who need it the most!
Don's Place A simple yet striking website that reminds me of better times, where grown-ass men with jobs like Don here didn't mind having a colorful background and a pet webdragon.
Free-Games-For-Kids A website that hosts a good bunch of Flash games from the 90s-00's-early 2010's
PDF Drive The largest website for free downloads of books in PDF. I think it's good people have access to knowledge, and I personally like to use it to check out if I actually like it before buying it, but if you enjoyed a book obtained from here, I encourage you to purchase the physical version too if that's an option to you.
EmuOS A collection of nostalgic games and programs displayed in a Windows-like interface. You nostalgic websters are gonna love this one. My personal pick is the Windows 98 interface.

Web weaving

HTMLDog A place to learn HTML right from the very start. I used this one before W3Schools and I like the order in which they teach you some things over the latter.
W3Schools Obligatory stop for anybody who wants to make a website, whether you're just starting, refreshing your memory on HTML knowledge or maybe you just want to learn some cool new HTML tricks.
EzGif Make and edit gifs with this very useful website full of varied tools.
Squoosh A safe and effective way to compress your images. Very useful for websites with lots of them!
SadGrl's Webmastery Resources A collection of tools, links and resources beyond the one you're in right now to help you start making websites.
RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects Cool neat little effects for your websites and texts!
CreateBlog An assorted arrangement of layouts for websites and blogs.


Bells n Whistles All sorts of free graphics and add-ons for your website
Cursors-4U Free custom cursors for your site
Cursormania rips Mew here compiled an archive of every single Cursormania cursor. Home of the infamous burning text, but also lots of flashy options. I use this one a lot. Another animated text generator with fun options Another animated text generator, but this one specializes in videogame title-like fonts
Glitter Graphic's Rainbow Text Generator Write anything here, get it back as rainbow text with a code for you to put anywhere you'd like. Rest of webpage also hosts plenty of images, gifs, blinkies, dividers, backgrounds and many other resources to make websites with.
MyBlinkie A blinkie maker with lots of templates
Blinkies Cafe Another blinkie maker made during the revival of the old web
Free Website Counters Exactly what it says
Hit Web Counter More website counters, with some more fun options
Y2K Fonts A Tumblr post with links to download Y2K fonts. Perfect for aesthetic builders out there.


Handheld Virtual Boy (The Real Boy) Watch the odyssey of one person's attempt to make the infamous Virtual Boy something bearable.
The Cognitive Bias Codex Learn about the biases that influence you when making decisions.
Balan Wonderworld Concept Art I just find it very entertaining to see how "the Sonic style" translates to non-Sonic characters. Plus, I feel like the 2D art looks prettier than in 3D! Learn about all sorts of heirloom varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers! One of my favourite discoveries from the Old Web, this website hosts ideas for all sorts of thematic birthday parties, with a focus on the homemade (and doesn't link you to dozens of buying links).
TV Tropes' page for "Art Game" A good place to look for smaller, weirder, artsier games.
Home of the Underdogs Discover all sorts of obscure PC games.
Sea Monkeys A fan-page dedicated to Sea Monkeys and everything there is to learn about these fascinating living commercial creatures.
Handheld Underground A fascinating look through many bootleg games made for the GB and GBC.
webgbcam The Gameboy Camera, but on your browser and with your webcam.
JS Kidpix The original Kidpix, on your browser!
CyberMausoleums An article on the legacy of people who has passed away on the Internet.
Mr. Breakfast's Cereal Project A website styled after a cereal box that aims to catalogue every single brand of cereal ever released on the US. Includes a rather impressive section with breakfast recipes.

Things for specific games

Happy Home Paradise client information A list of all villagers in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise and the requests they ask for. Good if you're looking for someone who matches what you crave to create that day!
Fashion of the Wild It's basically a dress-up game with all the options given within Breath of the Wild! Make your Link the most fashionable in all Hyrule.

Link Directories

Websites that list other websites. Warning, rabbit holes incoming!