This is our third runner-up! A funny frog fellow.

Frog's got a cartoony face (big round green eyes, wide mouth) with a realistic skin, (muted green, warty and bumpy on the back), a combination that works quite well this time. He's wearing a purple zoot suit with a yellow feather on his hat and a tie that changes with every performance. Looking sharp! His hands are webbed with yellow palms. Overall, I think his color scheme works well, being bright but not clashy, and that overall, he's a simple but well executed design.

Also, as a small detail that doesn't always goes noticed because they're often hidden under his hat, but he's got little angry eyebrows. He's always like ò ó

Frog's got a clear voice and lots of energy. He dances, he moonwalks, he hypes up the audience, and he predominantly raps. However, sometimes I feel like his voice becomes "part of the background", as if it got lost in the middle of all that spectacle.

His performances are very urban, very colorful and very classy looking. I love me some vinyls and checkers. He gives me the impression he would belong in some underground comic or cartoon, where he'd live in a big glamourous city and constantly get in and out of trouble with a friend... or something else ;).

Overall, I feel like he's more of a performer than a singer. Not that I'm complaining, tho.

Whoever's under Frog knew how to make the most of singing as a funny frog in a zoot suit.