The runner-up of the third season, many people believe Turtle should have won instead of Night Angel, a controversy etched into the fandom ever since. And, like Night Angel, Turtle is a tough one for me (and not just because of his shell).

Turtle here is a mask that doesn't straight up go for realism, but for a more simplified, kind of polygonal look to his face, so you get to appreciate his broken tile-like scales against his greenish-grey skin. I'd say Turtle is a pretty good stylization of an actual turtle, complete with beak and tiny nostrils close together. As a way to contrast his overall color scheme and make him extra cool, he's got black sclerae with orange irises.

Now, onto the real meat of the design. Turtle here has a punk aesthetic. And if you've been browsing my site for a bit, you know I love my punks. They have a great style and they're symbols of freedom and rebellion against the rules, and Turtle here? He's no exception. Dressing up in a leather jacket and wearing a black mohawk as spiky as his shell (leave your Bowser comments at the end of the review thanks), leather trousers and boots with as many buckles you could put in. Chains and studs and zippers all over. If you were looking for a punk design here on The Masked Singer, Turtle has got you covered (like his shell, hah).

That said, he's a good punk, but he's not my favourite punk. Not by a mile.

Turtle has that quality where his voice does not match his costume. When that happens, results may vary, but it is always surprising. In Turtle's case, that tough exterior and bad boy attitude hides a sentimental boybander voice. The kind that makes preteens swoon. He's the ultimate dreamboat material! Now you understand why people like him so much.

But why don't I? Maybe because I find his performances very forgettable after the first one. Understand, Kiss From A Rose is Turtle's song in the fandom. It's his song. But after that? I get Night Angel memory wipes again. Maybe he overdid the sappy boybander bit? Too many romantic sentimental songs have softened this turtle's shell to the point I don't even care about the punk part anymore!?

As for performances, again, varied, plays with and against theme, but... also kind of uninspired. Again, the rose field from Kiss From A Rose is simple, yet iconic, playing a single theme for all its worth. As for the others... ehhh they all become a blur in my mind after a while, just like the songs.

It's kind of a shame, because you can tell Turtle is a great singer and performer. But maybe he was too slow (HAH) to reach my heart in time.