Night Angel

The winner of the third season of The Masked Singer, Night Angel is not without controversy. Many people love her, many people dislike her, and I, myself, have very strong opinions about her.

Before I go further, let me remind you that these reviews are just my criticisms and opinions, and I do not intend to be objective in any way. I see beauty in things people usually overlook, and I know Night Angel here means a lot to many fans. These people see things in her that I do not, and while I don't always understand at their same level, I respect that. Our points of view are equally worthy, just different.

With that said, I find Night Angel looks more like a bootleg Monster High toy than anything nightly or angelic.

Let's go over the facts first. Night Angel is a winged humanoid with a hot pink and deep purple colour scheme, with a showgirl theme to her clothing. Her purple dress with golden accents (vaguely resembling a ribcage) has a very ruffled, mushroom cap-shaped skirt with a hot pink fur trim. Said skirt has a long train following behind her. She also wears many gold and hot pink bracelets covering her forearms, and purple stockings. She's got big, fluffy wings that are hot pink on top and deep purple on the bottom.

Night Angel's face is purple, with detailed golden decorations on her face and a permanently open mouth (which... can look uncanny to some). She's also got a wing or flame-like ear on one side of her head, larger than a regular human ear and placer a bit higher. Night Angel's hair is a combination of hot pink feathers and ombre purple hair, which emerge from her head like an explosion of feathers and then trails down transitioning to purple hair. Extra purple feathers are used to decorate her hairdo further.

If I had to describe Night Angel's design with one word, that word would be "Aimless". I said earlier that costumes should immediately give you an idea of what you're looking at, and then you can enrich the concept with the motifs and details. In this case, I can see she has a showgirl theme, but like, this doesn't convey to me what a "night angel" is supposed to be. Is she supposed to be a fallen angel, or just an angel with a night theme? Because all that hot pink and purple like a girl's toy doesn't communicate anything like that (and I love girly pink and purple toys, thank you). Maybe she's just meant to be a showgirl with a vague angelic theme? Then why is she clearly non-human with her skin colour, ear and overall heavenly/otherwordly motifs?

Don't come at me like "oh Corrupted they can't like, make a creepy dark angel outright this is a family show". If you thought that, take a good look at Rabbit and then come back.

Overall, I don't mind when a design has contrasting or off-baller ideas mashed together, but I feel like more could have been done with this design. You CAN have a mystical creature of the night who is ALSO a showgirl whose name is ALSO its "species" name, but for me, Night Angel as is, leans too hard into making a pretty-looking lady mask. The execution is great, this is the US Masked singer after all, but her concept feels half-baked and again, aimless.

Now, Night Angel didn't make herself champion of the third season just because. She's got the voice for it: powerful, slightly deep,

Yet... I'm not really feeling it? Like, I can recognize her prowess, range and ability to sing different genres, but... it says nothing to me. I almost never remember what she sang, and they are not lesser known songs, mind you. She sang Bon Jovi and I didn't care.

And their performances... oddly I feel the same about them despite performances being my other favourite part of Masked Singer (main one is the costumes themselves). Sure, they are pretty, and elaborate, and even varied, but... nothing memorable. I came to this review saying "Night Angel is the winner of S3 and I don't like her design" and I feel like I'll come out of this review saying exactly the same.

Plus, her ongoing "oh my god I never thought I'd get this far I am SO insecure about my abilities" thing in the clues is starting to grate on me. Maybe I'm biased because I'm watching this in retrospective and not at the time this was played but every single song of hers was met with a raucurous applause and praise from the audience and panel, and she is clearly winner material. Putting yourself down and playing underdog doesn't work when you have everybody eating out of your hand.

Sorry guys, this one's just not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, she's very talented, but these reviews don't run on talent alone. That would be like rating Pokemon solely on how strong they are.