The last mask of second season of The Masked Singer US, and the first one to leave, is Egg. Let's crack down on this one, shall we?

Egg here strikes me as a gentleman, a dandy, a friendly elegant (but slighhtly eccentric by virtue of being an egg) fellow that could lend you a hand if you happened to stumble into the magical world he lives in. You get a lot from an outfit and a face sometimes.

Egg was designed with the many textures cooking an egg can offer in mind. The most obvious one is his fried egg hat and his hard-boiled face, but there's also cracks on his long white coat. But not only that, if you look closely, said coat has a texture on it that reminds me of the "skin" inside an eggshell, and the pearls on his trousers resemble the tiny bubbles that are formed on an egg's surface while it's being boiled.

I absolutely adore when a mask's execution goes beyond the obvious and immediately recognizable, and Egg's take on, well, an anthropomorphic egg is a pretty well-thought one.

If you've been wanting a more masculine version of Lady Gaga's voice, this will definitely do. His voice has this sort of schmaltzy quality, but in a good way. It's the auditive equivalent of molasses, or jam. It's very distinctive, and I wish he stayed in the show for longer.

And his attitude matches his voice. He knows how to fill in the stage, how to walk, how to pose, how to dance (even if it's just a little bit) and even how to playfully tease Skeleton in the smackdowns. He's having a lot of fun here and you can see it.

Overall, eggs are a surprisingly creative theme for masks, and while it will still take a while to see different takes across different countries, Egg here is a brilliant example of creativity and eggsecution (I will see myself out).