Ice Cream

Our second-to-last mask of the second season is Ice Cream! And overall, I gotta say, this is a very cool (HAH) ice cream costume.

Ice Cream's head is a big scoop of blue ice cream (probably bubblegum or lollipop flavoured, in my country this "flavour" is called "Smurf") with a cheery smiling face and chocolate sauce dripping from the side of his head, with sprinkles, vaguely resembling hair. He's also wearing a "hat" consisting of some melty marshmallow-like pink thing with a cherry on top, and has a chocolate chip as a nose.
There's dripping ice cream and chocolate sauce (with sprinkles) around his shoulders and neck, forming a "collar of sorts. Ice Cream wears a suit, but instead of it being black, white or various shades of grey-passing-as-black, it has a waffle cone-like print on it (I love whoever came up with this). This extends to the shoes! Blue gloves (with sprinkles) complete this outfit.

I like how Ice Cream looks. He looks like he'd be the mascot of an ice cream parlor, but like, one of the cool ones. Maybe his smile is a bit too clownish for some people's tastes, but it's part of the charm. I, for one, would have a very nice sundae at any vendor who had this guy as a mascot.

Ice Cream's got a youthful voice and uses a deeper voice for the rapping bits of his song. He's alright - nothing stellar, but enjoyable.

His sole performance is quite endearing in its own right. He's got a little yellow tractor (hey, that's a Spanish song), pinwheels and cowgirls buying ice cream from a vendor nearby. Overall it gives a very country fair kind of vibe, which is that kind of off-baller association I always dig.

Also can I point out how funny and cute he is by sitting down and swaying to his rival's song as if he were a kid watching the intro to his favourite cartoon?

A lovely lyophilized lactose lad. He's a cleverly executed object-head mask with a performance that doesn't go for the obvious. That's pretty much what you need to catch my heart.