This is the first of many pandas we'll see in this franchise. Panda craze was never over for The Masked Singer.

I gotta admit, this panda has a lot of a real panda's natural cuteness. She's got big brown animal eyes with juuuust a little white sclerae around them (I know that's a sign of distress in many animals but this is a costume we're talking about), a flatter, Y-shaped nose (the best kind) and a gentle toothless happy smile. She's also got white paws with black pawpads and claws (remember, pandas are not 100% harmless and no animal is), which is not quiiite real-panda accurate but I understand black would clash with the light-coloured attire she's wearing.
Panda wears a fun pastel colorblock-inspired attire, with a tie-dye T-shirt and hat (complete with a huge light blue pompom); a yellow jacket with lavender sleeves, green and pink pockets and a huge fluffy light blue collar; green gym trousers with pink belt and pockets; and colorful shoes and bead necklaces.
You know, upon observing these clothes closer, I gotta admit I like them a lot! I want them for myself.

Panda begins with a very pleasing deep voice, but loses it through the middle of her song. She's not a professional, but I enjoyed listening to her sing.

Her performance has neon lights with an emphasis on pastel neon lights, which was a good choice. Neon is always good in my eyes.

Panda was a cutie, and she's another mask I wish she lasted for a little bit more.