Our next mask is the USA bird par excellence! Pretend you're reading this on the 4th of July.

Eagle here is a bald eagle who is trying to defy that statement by tying his top feathers on a little feathery bun with a bandana, even if his face still carries a serious, forlorn expression. His wings are connected to his arms like a bat, they're pretty mottled white-brown wings. He's wearing a brown leather jacket (but a light one, not the kind I dig) with feathery shoulderpads, a white shirt with blue patterns and decorations, several necklaces, and paisley-patterned red trousers. His attire strikes me as half rockstar, half Native American inspired (do not ask for specifics because I do not know them) and whole "airbrushed van" aesthetic, but without the wizards. Still I bet this guy would look rad painted on a van with some wolves and a moonlit canyon landscape.

Eagle's got a somewhat deep theatrical voice, but perhaps leaning to the comical side, like a commoner trying to emulate an opera voice. I'm not gonna lie, he pulls this off quite well and I wouldn't have minded seeing more of him.

As a mask with a sole performance to his name, I can't really rate it. I like how the background dancers sway with the movement of his wings at the beginning, but that's it.

Eagle ended up mildly surprising me for good.