As we all know, September signals the end of summer and start of the spooky season, and what better way to kick off with Skeleton here?

Classy yet flashy, Skeleton's main colours are off-white and gold. Skeleton himself has a goofy friendly face with missing teeth and bedazzled eyes on his eye sockets, as well as skeletical hands and feet. Most of his clothes, including his huge tophat, feature this kind of ridged or scalloped (sorry I am still not good with clothing words) texture on them that vaguely resembles the one of a spine. It's not a straightforward way to make a skeleton look like a skeleton, but it certainly helps him feel "bony" without recurring to the traditional ribcage printed on black clothing. Speaking of ribcages, he's got a golden one (complete with spine on the back!) over his clothes, with prominent, mushroom-like shoulderpads and silver decorations on the center. The outfit is completed with coattails rimmed in gold and a golden bet with a silver decoration where the buckle should be.

On stage, Skeleton is the very definition of "funky old man". He's got a raspy and funny sounding voice, he does goofy little dances and thanks the backup dancers for helping him step down of the raised spinning platform. He does kinda struggle singing sometimes, especially with very fast verses, and I think his first song was better than the second.

First performance's entire joke is so obvious I don't even need to write it down for you, and the second is a more traditional graveyard setting with fog and spooky trees, with some touches of neon here and there for good measure. I can't help but wonder how would his performances look like if he stayed further in the show.

Skeleton is one of those contestants who, what lacks in voice, makes up with personality. This kind of contestants are very divisive and hit-or-miss. Personally, I'll give him a three because it doesn't stir very strong emotions on me, for good or for bad.