Our second fancy bird on the season!

Penguin is one of those masks that opt for looking realistic, anthropomorphic and fancy. The classic black and white of a penguin are reinterpreted in her clothing as some sort of reimagined nun's habit (well, the Blues Brothers got that one right) complete with a skirt bell with feather/flipper-like shapes a little hood. However, the first thing that grabs my attention about Penguin is her unusually shiny dome. Why is the top of her cranium so shiny? Why is she like, bald x10. She looks like she's wearing a smooth tinfoil hat, or a mind control device. I guess that's why they added a hood to her design?

Penguin here has a pleasant singing voice, but perhaps nothing too extraordinary. Would make easy radio listening while driving. I prefer when she's singing deeper notes, and when she dances too, she's got energy to it and it's fun to see her outfit sway along with her.

Performances aren't too extraordinary either, perhaps if she had more of them they could have had really surprised us.

An alright birdie.