Black Widow

Arachnophobes, beware, because Black Widow is here!

Black Widow is a striking design that maybe it's not all well read on this promotional picture. She combines the best of a Halloween costume with the best budget a fashion designer can afford. Her head is mostly a tube of mesh, with two big, ovaloid, pupiless silver eyes with eyelashes (which in turn kinda reminisces of Spiderman), crowned with six "thorns" or "fangs", which makes me wonder if her head is meant to be upside down.

Her body is covered in a latex bodice which features a white cobweb on the front (see this is why I said this is a Halloween costume made by professionals) and a red X (i guess that's her widow mark?). She also has very prominent, spiky shoulderpads tipped in red, just like her long fingernails. The outfit also has a skirt that splits open and is held with wires in such a way to resemble a spiders abdomen, but if that wasn't spidery enough for you, look no further than the giant spider attached to her back, with its legs jutting out. I really like how they look, with the fuzzy knob and the tip, which looks like painted with metallic nailpolish.

Black Widow here has a pleasant voice. She's an easy listen, and I like how she totes herself as villainous and edgy. I like a person who plays up the "character" aspect of the mask.

Also I bet they exhausted an entire Party City's supply of fake cobwebs with her performances. I love the dancing webcrawler.
By the way, did you know she broke her arm during her stay at the Masked Singer? That's why all the backup dancers are wearing casts on the Believe performance. Her own is very well integrated on the costume, too.

She's got a nice voice, but I'm neutral on her overall. Props for the "glorified Halloween costume" vibes tho. That's what Masked Singer is about.