Next up is our third insect mask!

Ladybug sports a glittery red bellgown decorated with an outer, solid-looking piece that looks like two cartoon ladybugs (you know, a simple red oval with a black tip for the head and black dots). In front of this piece, there are two large insect leg-like pieces. Cartoon ladybugs adorn her shoulders as well. A huge cartoon ladybug creates a sort of updo "hairdo", from which two long black "ponytails" emerge from. It splits open at the front to make way for her face. She wears long black gloves with a few jewelled decorations on her arms.

Her face, uh... I'm not against the idea of an "inverse" ladybug look (black with red accents) or a mustache, in fact the red dots for eyes are quite clever... but once again the red lips don't fit at all and make the whole ensemble look more awkward than it should be. Remove the lips and you'd get a goofy Pringles face in a pretty dress. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to facial features.

Ladybug has a pleasant, ground-to-earth tone on her voice. Maybe not a professional, but she can handle a tune, even a banger.

Her performances are nothing to write home about except perhaps the merry-go-round themed one.

This might be the first Season 2 mask I'm neutral about, but even still she's got a pretty decent-to-good voice.

I'm fine with a mask not being a "direct" recreation of its concept and instead taking motifs from it, but Ladybug's design's got issues I cannot gloss over.