Next up is the first of many botanical beauties (wait, does Pineapple fit in this category?)

Flower here is an elegant lavender (the colour) rose (the flower) mask, with a green bodice decorated with vine-like patterns in darker green. A large piece of green ruffled fabric wraps around the celebrity's body, looking visually like a huge climbing plant. Said "climbing plant" is decorated with small lavender roses. Flower's head is a huge lavender rose itself, with a humanoid face in the middle and a "flower crown" made of lavender roses, arranged from smaller to bigger.

Overall, I find her design simple at first sight but intrincate upon closer look, which is a great direction to go for Masked Singer costumes, in general. Like, make them immediately recognizable so you can know what they are from afar and in promos, and then you can take beautiful detailed shots that show how much work has been put on each costume. It's the way to go.

Also, I'd like to point out her face design, because I said "humanoid" but there's a few things that don't make it quite... human-accurate? What I'm trying to say here is that Flower sports kind of oval, hollow eyes (with black mesh) that are a bit too big and too close, and she's got a pair of shiny lips that kinda look tacked on, which frankly, it's a problem on a lot of masks (not exclusive to the US) but when it comes to Flower it's one of the most subtle cases. She's also got some fancy, leaf-like decorations on a lighter shade of lavender around the eyes, like fancy eyeshadow.

At first, Flower sports a voice that honestly, striked me as very Tina Turner like. Not exactly as if she was there under the costume, but as a very convincing imitator. Later on, she sounds kinda like Flamingo, but as a much less convincing imitator of hers. Higher pitch, yet delicate and with a nice range, I feel like she's been throwing her voice in some performances. I've heard that overall Flower's voice sounds kind of grandmotherly, and I can see that. I enjoyed her Eye of the Tiger and 9 to 5 the most, I feel like she really made those songs hers.

Her first performance already plays against her type, with a heavy urban, construction theme. I like that "flowers blooming in the cracks of pavement against all adversity" vibe. Other performances that fit her theme better are fancy parties that are decorated with flowers (like balls and such), overgrown fancy gardens... You can tell they wanted to make the most out of a mask that embodies one of the most common and ancient kinds of decoration.

I'd say she scores a bit lower than the rest of previously seen masks, but I can't bring myself to give her a 3.5. She's very good too, voice-wise, and she's a simple, yet ornate design.