The first of our three bug masks this season, Butterfly looks striking with her black and teal/blue/green color scheme, shimmery bodysuit and sharp angles on the wings. I love how the sequins are not just your regular "tiny doughnut" shape, but they're shaped so they look like "scales". I like the "fake eyes" on the wings and how they're slightly reminiscent of the "eyes" on peacock feathers. Maybe it's the color scheme.

But what strikes me the most is how "insect-like" this costume looks. Her arms and antennae are slightly hairy in a way reminiscing of bug legs, her eyes are compounded, and there's a strange holey membrane where her mouth ought to be. Butterflies are probably one of the easiest insects to make appealing to a broad audience, yet they didn't pull any shortcuts like cartoony eyes or humanoid mouths. They tried hard to make Butterfly as insectoid as she is gorgeous, and that's something I always appreciate.

Butterfly has a powerful, clear voice. Kind of high-pitched, but pleasantly so. Sometimes, she tries different notes than the ones you expect on her songs, and it doesn't always turn right but since she knows how to manage her voice, it never gets shrill. And when it works, oh hell yeah it works!!

I gotta point out, costumes with big wings tend to be extra ungainly for moving around, but Butterfly refuses to be a still statue and moves around and does little jumps, which is lovely.

Her performance stages are alright. They fit the mood but they're nothing to write home about. Similar to previous masks before they stray off the butterfly theme sometimes, but it doesn't feel as cohesive this time. Umbrellas? Boxing?

No wonder people call S2 one of the best seasons, we've been getting nothing but great singers so far!