Our next mask is Tree, and here's where the mixed feelings come back.

Tree here is modelled after a Christmas tree, and apart from her "head" at the tip, her fir tree layers are made of sparkly, multicolored tinsel adorned with white shiny baubles, with a trim made of silverly garlands and Christmas lights at the bottom of each layer that helps separating them visually. She also wears purple gloves and leggings, with silvery heels. Back to the head, this one is composed of two entirely silver layers, with a pink shiny star on top as all Christmas trees ought to. She has cartoony eyes with big eyelashes and big "sparkle circles" on the top layer and a big mouth with pink lipstick and a mole on the cheek on the bottom layer.

I don't think I like Tree much visually. While I appreciate skipping the traditional green/red/golden color scheme, maybe I'm not much of a Christmas person, but I don't like how poorly the head meshes with everything else. Also I feel like Tree is the patient zero of "👁 👄 👁 syndrome", which will be an onslaught of exaggerated yet uninspired faces with prominent eyelashes and lips. I don't like that face. That's a stock art face.

Now, Tree's voice is nothing to snuff at! It's very lively, powerful, sentimental and kinda gospel-y, which is always appreciated. The songs chosen for her fit perfectly this kind of voice and I find myself finding lots of fun with her songs.

And luckily for all Scrooges and Grinches in the audience, not all her performances are Christmas-themed, but they mostly play up the "tree" aspect instead.

Wow I am so torn on this one. I love her voice, her costume, not so much. This is as much as I'm willing to give her in comparison to the previous masks. If her costume had a better head she'd easily get a 4, or 4.5.