Hey, remember when I said back in Monster's review that thanks to him we got a lot of "extra" monster masks in the US? Well, you're looking at the very first one!

As his name says, Thingamajig is not meant to be anything specific in particular, although his design does harken back to Monster to the point Monster's celebrity called him "his son". So yeah, Thingamajig is actually another "monster" by a different name, but luckily enough for us, monsters, by their very broad definition, can adopt many different forms. This one is more humanoid, and his head shape reminds me of a furry asparagus, in pale lime. He's got a friendly, monstery face with cartoony oval eyes, carey glasses, blue elfish ears, small but prominent tusks and a cyan tongue. His furry, clawed hands and feet are blue-teal, from which tufts of pale lime green emerge from his clothes as "cuffs". Thingamajig is dressed in a plaid suit, which is mostly navy blue except for a sleeve and a trouser leg, which are yellow tartan instead. Tufts of pale lime fur sprout out of parts of his suit.

Overall, Thingamajig looks like a friendly, Sesame Street-esque character, perhaps one from some local TV channel that made their own puppet show to entertain children and needed a "reasonable adult" character like a teacher or a professor.

Thingamajig has a soft, kinda deep, soulful voice and a knack for slow, emotional songs. These aren't quite always my thing (HAH) but I can recognize talent when I see it, and don't quote me on this, but I think Thingamajig's celebrity does not sing profesionally. I also said that Masked Singer has many people who don't sing as a job yet manage to delight and entertain as much as professionals. I bet Thingamajig is like that for many people. He gets a few peppier songs later down the line which he handles very well and are a welcome sight (or hear...?).

Performance-wise, his props are as ethereal as his voice. Cloudy backgrounds, rainbow bubbles of light, worlds made of piano tiles and music notes... I'm not gonna lie, I can see some fountains of inspiration here.

As an additional fun fact, once I caught a translated version of Masked Singer US on my European TV on a Christmas night and they translated his name to "Chirimbolo". Make of that what you will.

Again, Thingamajig's slow songs are not quite my cup of tea, but I must admit he's very good at them. If it wasn't because I like a certain mask with a similar gimmick later in the line better, Thinga could have been my choice for a slow, emotional singer.