The fancy bird of the season! Looking like a showgirl if you had to cover those from head to toe, Flamingo is very pink, very feathery and very fluffy-looking. She has a fluffy collar, fluffy cuffs and fluffy trousers, all made of feathers, as well as a big tail with huge sprawling pink feathers. She also wears a shimmery pink bodysuit with a belt made of lace with a silvery decoration that looks like feathers. I'm trying to describe costumes better this time!

But what's most endearing about Flamingo's looks is her head. She's got a shorter, thicker neck than expected from a flamingo because her actual head is there, and you can see some bits of mesh from which through the wearer sees and breathes. I really like how natural those bits of mesh look, like they're little spots on the neck. I also love Flamingo's endearing, goofy cartoony round eyes with big pupils and even bigger eyelashes. They are striking compared with her more realistic-looking beak and feel like the kind of eyes you could put on an Animal Crossing character. This costume only has a little touch of the cartoony, but it looks very good.

It's kind of a given since she's a bird, but take a moment to appreciate how charmingly derpy she looks. There's many animals that are adorable because their eyes are on the sides: birds, frogs and bovines are just a few among them. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs, and cats, and front-facing predators too, but this is a kind of cuteness you never get when you place eyes on the front.

Flamingo's got an unique, clear yet somewhat deep voice, which is a combination that works very well. She's definitely a professional singer, and just like Rottweiler could have been a boybander, she could have belonged in a girl band (is that how they're named?) if she didn't already. They've given her a lot of bangers to sing, although I feel she shines better when she's given slower, emotional songs. She's good at both those and more high-energy songs, mind you, but I feel she handles the slow ones better. Especially Hallelujah. She gives her own voice some sort of... "fragile" tone to her voice, which helps with the pious motif of the song. When it comes to more upbeat songs, I think her finale song is the best. But to be fair, I think the same for all the finalists on this season.

Again, the flashy flamingo theme allows them to create more fun performances, with summery motifs, neon lights and leafy/feathery fans. I find the one at Lady Marmalade particularly characteristic, probably because it just adds more feathers. When you've got a good fabric/texture motif, don't ever let it go.

For contrast, I liked "Go Your Own Way" a lot, too. It's tangentially related to flamingos (airports/planes, for flying, and pink clouds/lights/suitcases to tie it all together), but I do like how cohesive they made it feel and let's be honest, I might be biased towards airport/airplane motifs.

I'm very tempted to give her a slightly higher score than the other two finalists, but the truth is, they're all very good! I just like birds and dogs better.