Our second dog mask after Poodle, Rottweiler is styled after a rapper. With his chains, belts and abs, he would look like he would belong right at home with those "gangsta" Spongebob and Tweety memes shared on Facebook if it wasn't for his eager puppy face and kind eyes. I bet this is how many "dangerous dog" owners envision their pets.

I also like how they gave a fluffy collar to his jacket so they would make a short-haired dog look fluffy without sacrificing accuracy. The bone brass knuckle is also a nice touch, and I really like his doggy hands. Big fingers, small claws, even pawpads. They're kinda like a fursuit staple but they're small and airbrushed in a more natural way, so that's something I appreciate.

Yeah, it's time to start admitting most of these costumes are fursuits made by professional fashion designers.

...and Rottweiler demonstrates he's more bark than bite with his voice, too! There's no grit, it isn't too deep, it's clear, he could be a boybander if he already isn't/wasn't one. He kinda sounds like a grown up Parappa, am I making things up? In any case, he's a great singer, that's what he is. I especially enjoy his finale song.

Performance-wise, his "street dog" looks allow for a little extra creativity. Loving those chain link fences on the first performances and "the big oil barrel-drum thingy that has glowy liquid that shoots up everytime is hit" from the second. I love that latter thing, how is it actually named?

He's a good boy.