Finally, this is our last Masked Singer US Season 1 costume. I've been going through these in order from winner to first eliminated, so you know what you're looking at here.

Unlike the more realistic or abstracted takes we've seen in previous masks (even Monster's eye looked fairly realistic!) and similar to Pineapple, Hippo here has a more cartoony head, with round ears, a square snout, and big eyes with small pupils. I don't know if his costume is meant to evoke an explorer's outfit but "urban" or if this is just "urban". The urban jungle? Am I thinking things too much again?

I like his glasses and his golden tooth, I like small details like this.

Hippo's voice starts okay, and then it wavers along the lines of "downhill" and "okay" back again.

His sole performance is hip-hop themed, which makes for a good pun, but is otherwise okay.

Overall, I feel like either Unicorn or Pineapple were the worst singers of this season? Hippo could have stayed for one more song, maybe. He's overall alright.