S1 had a good run with spooky masks, don't you think? We've got an edgy rabbit, a gothic raven, a B-movie alien, and now we've got this ominous take on a deer! I always love it when they show a creepy side to a """pacific herbivore""", and while you can't tell in this picture, he's got hooves! Everyone else so far (and in the whole season!) have been wearing shoes and boots, even the monster, but Deer gets to have hooves so his sole deer trait isn't just the antlers.

Now, a gas-mask immediately brings to mind the word "post-apocaliptic" nowadays but to be fair? Deer feels to me more like a slasher movie villain instead of a Mad Max crony. Like I could see this guy getting a bunch of poachers lost in the woods, lead them to his very own hunting grounds, and kill them one by one with a blunderbluss. Yeah I know a firearm is not particularly "slasher-y", but it does makes sense here with the hunter/prey juxtaposition, with those warm woody tones of his, especially the big bulky coat and the lumberjack-y suspenders. Plus, there's the whole idea of "forest spirit giving human activity a taste of its own medicine", and, weren't we talking about a singing costume again?

Deer describes himself as not much of a singer in the clues, and I couldn't agree more. His voice doesn't have enough energy to carry the songs given to him, and he sings sort of casual, as if he was in the local pub's karaoke instead of a singing contest.

I do enjoy Deer a lot in the clues, tho. He gets so confrontative and upset! Everytime I hear that high-pitched "DANGIT!" of the second clue pack, I need to replay it at least half a dozen times.

His performances are in line with the style of the performances of this season, but they can show what you can achieve with a fog machine, the right props and few lights in the right place.

Tough pick for a score. I think I got a bit too carried away with my "Deer is a slasher movie villain" idea. I do appreciate a good mask that can spark the imagination like that, and I do like his attitude in the clues, but his voice is nothing to write home about to the point it actually detracts from him as a whole.

It's a constant waver between 3.5 and 4 out of 5. If his voice was a bit okayer, he'd easily get 5 points, tho.