Look at this cutie!! Taking after high fashion and branding a polygonal face with hollow, slanted rhombus eyes, as well as lots of pink and white fluff as expected from what she represents, Poodle can be a bit predictable theme-wise, but nevertheless it's very interesting to see a real-life, professional quality take on such a concept. I want to steal her booties.

She's also got two fluffy pom-poms at the end of a "rope" on her back, which I imagine are part of her dress but I prefer to think of them as two tails. I mean, a fluffy ball at the end of a thin tail is the most common/straightforward way to depict a trimmed poodle tail, right?

I can't help it, I love poodles (in general, not just the mask) so much. They were bred to hunt ducks and now we trim their fur in silly ways. They have webbed toes and the giant ones are impressive. I love "girly" animals, but especially when they have many strange, badass and fun facts to offer aside from the "omg so cute!!!" at first sight.

Poodle's voice is deeper than I expected, but not too much - she's in the middle of the scale of voice depth. Otherwise, I hate to say I find her voice nice, but unremarkable.

Her second performance features her on a swing, which is always a welcome sight, especially if the one who's singing is a person in a silly costume - a poodle, in this case.

I feel like she deserves the same score as Unicorn for similar reasons. I like her concept, her voice is alright.