Our next mask is Unicorn, and as someone who likes them so much they constitute half of her internet moniker, I can't help but be extra critical.

Unicorn here takes after royalty, she's even called "The Unicorn Queen" in concept art. Dressed purely in white, her costume includes a dress with a skirt surrounding a pair of trousers (maybe to make movement easier?), fluffy arm warmers (like a horse's fetlocks), shoulder pads resembling wings, two single twin braids, a crystal spiral horn and a "halo" made of a doily on the back of her head.

I understand the decisions made for her design: she pretty much embodies a very classical, pure and regal take on the unicorn, and that's something I respect.

Other details I enjoy about her is her grumpy look (hey, unicorns in the past were said to be fierce beasts!) and her eyes, which are straight up two diamonds (or diamond-like stones). I really like it when a mask's eyes are not exactly natural, and technically this makes her a Twinkle Eye pony, too.

I do have to note that her mouth looks kind of weird in the promo picture I use as a visual reference to all masks: her lips pucker in a slightly unsettling way. They do not look like that from other angles, so maybe they just took a bad one.

Unfortunately, that's where my praises for Unicorn end. I don't like her voice much. I find it shrill and trying to sound high-pitched in an unnatural way. She forces it too much to fit the song, but she's not trained to do that.

However, I do have to acknowledge that many contestants on the Masked Singer are not professional singers. They join the contest for a chance to sing anonymously, at least until they get unmasked at the end. You'd be surprised at how many people on the Masked Singer sing great yet don't do it as part of their careers. However... Unicorn is not one of them.

I will still give her a good score, but keep in mind it's on costume alone. I'm tempted to deck her half a point, tho, because she pales (HAH) in comparison to other unicorn masks we'll see.