Next up is Raven, and isn't this one spooky looking mask! With her silver, plague doctor-esque mask (with big angry alien-like eyes!), four big black wings and most strikingly, the big, broken cage surrounding her head with a little crow's nest on top. Raven here differs a lot from other crow/raven masks we'll see later on. You'll see what I mean, I'm not spoiling you the surprise.

Fittingly, Raven's clues and performances are positively gothic, and apparently she's dedicating her masked persona & first performance to someone close to her who recently passed away. Her second is quite chaotic (WHAT IS with the flailing guy on the side)

Perhaps that's why her voice has this sort of motherly, comforting nuance. She can also belt out quite a note, and she sounds more aunt-like when she does.

Overall I believe these more slow-paced yet strong, uplifting songs fit her voice and her "character" very well: she's this sort of menacing, dark-looking character with a tragic past who's learning to make peace with it through song.

I didn't expect to like Raven so much! This is part of the reason I'm making these reviews: to discover favourites I might have overlooked otherwise.