No, this is not an Invader Zim cosplayer site, this is the Alien from the Masked Singer USA!

Cheap jokes aside, I must admit Alien's design is very intense. The sorta grey, sorta insectoid head, her huge red eyes, the bright red spacesuit, the gloves, the silver boots, the holo cape and especially that halo of concentric circles behind her head, as if it were a visual representation of her hijacking your mind and sending radio waves directly to your brain for nefarious purposes. She truly looks like a conqueress from outer space, something that wouldn't look out of place in a 50s-60s sci-fi comic book. I wish more masks had this kind of aesthetic.

Alien's got a cute, sweet, singing voice at first, but I find it funnier coming from such a grumpy-looking mask. Many masks have either a neutral or happy expression, which are okay but kinda detract personality from them. Not on Alien's case, tho!

For this reason, I also find it funnier to see her engage in the usual clue shenanigans. Things like gardening and playing with toys or running a "fashion victim" hotline is way funnier with this aspirant to galactic ruler. It's kinda like seeing Thanos baking a cake.

However, her voice wavers quite a lot in quality between songs. I can't say I love her voice all the time or all her songs, but I feel her costume makes up for it.

If anything, I wish her performances lived up to her own design. I feel like in the first season, they were holding back a lot, as in "this show is crazy enough". I'm glad they threw that idea out of the window later on, as we'll see.

Alien just might be one of my favourite costumes in the first season, more than enough to compensate for her shortcomings.