Our next mask is Lion, and oof, I've got not-so-glowing (hah) reviews for her first.

Don't get me wrong, gold is an excellent colour choice for a lion, but has nobody told the designer enough is enough? She's so overwhelmingly shiny my first impression is nothing but a blurry golden blob.

And it's a shame, because once you get past the first impressions, Lion sports a warrior-esque (like a gladiatrice?) look with a golden mask and an additional mane behind her. I like her face, she's like one of those ornamental lion heads made of iron that are used to decorate places (and, if I can trust a book I read a while ago, were once used as mail slots).

She's not a bad design by any means, but a second colour on her scheme would have done wonders. And no, neither the diamonds or the black underside of her arms are enough to contrast all that gold.

I do like the contrast between the meek, pitched-up version of her voice used in her clues and her more powerful, professional voice when she's actually singing. She's got a good voice, like one you'd hear from a lady singer on the radio. There's talent, but not much uniqueness.

Two of her performances were fun, but kinda like Bee's, the rest don't get to be as visually interesting as I'd like them to be. Again, I'm not blaming this on her.

2.5/5 too much gold