Our third finalist sports a much more humanoid appearance than the "animal head on a human body" approach we've seen before, rather being an "animal-themed humanoid". We're going to see insect masks of all kinds and degrees of anthropomorphization since insects are apparently very hard to make appealing to a human audience.

With that said, Bee carries some interesting motifs from her animal inspiration. I like those small wings with thick black lines, the "fur collar" made out of honeycomb, her very thick antennae that might as well be Maleficient-style horns, and especially her insect legs and (sliced!?) bee abdomens as part of her "skirt".

I do not know what to make of her weird "conehead" and the lack of facial features other than the lips and the goggles, tho (cool rain grating on the latter, tho). I usually don't like open mouths like that, but I do understand why they're a thing: many times, that's where the costume wearer gets to see anything from the outside world, if at all!

Overall she looks like a character that could belong to a cool cyberpunk, or steampunk, or anythingpunk videogame.

Bee's got a mature, motherly voice on the deep side. It's quite a welcome surprise compared to the many, many high-pitched, soft-voiced ladies we'll encounter down the line later. I think her last three songs are the best out of hers, they're a better match for her voice than pop hits such as Chandelier or Wrecking Ball.

Visually, her performances, are a bit too on the simple side for my tastes, but I won't blame this on her personally.

Alright towards good with a very refreshing voice.