The runner-up of the first Masked Singer in the US, Peacock, is a better example of what a "standard" mask looks like around here: usually an anthropomorphic, fancily-dressed animal, often taking after a particular theme. If a mask isn't particularly cartoony-looking, this is pretty much what you'll get.

In this case, the entire costume takes after a peacock's colours and features - aside from the expected tail feathers on his back, Peacock also sports a very shiny coat in sparkling blue and green (with more peacock feathers on the coattails!) and very fluffy feathery pants. The huge golden collarshirt creates a nice striking contrast to the blue/green color scheme.
Overall, this is a great costume, although I do find his expression a bit forlorn. Did something happen to him? Or are peacocks naturally just like that?

Also, you'll see that Marina Toybina, costume designer for the first seasons of the Masked Singer, has an affinity for fancily dressed birds. Peacock is just the first of them, but you'll see more down the line.

Peacock sports a mature, gentleman-y voice. You can see he's used to sing and to being on the stage. He seems to have a liking for medium-paced songs with great beats. You know, the kind that neither makes you hyper or want to fall asleep but still catchy and memorable. A solid voice for solid songs.

Oh, and his performances are a joy to watch. They milked the peacock motif for all its worth and he's got an excellent stage presence: he truly knows how to carry himself around the stage. That, in addition to his occasional little dances, makes him a joy to watch on stage after the first impression of "oh my god there is a bird man on stage".
Did you know that "The Greatest Show" was the first performance on the Masked Singer US ever? And Peacock carried the honor of opening the show in such a wonderful way. His last song is also especially fitting for a peacock, and different from what he's used to sing, but in a good way.

A great showman for the greatest show!