For those not in the know, a shrine is when you create a webpage dedicated entirely to one thing you love. People used to have these back then, and they're one of my favourite part to visit when web surfing. It's just so interesting to see people with different hobbies and tastes to mine enjoy them with the same amount of love I enjoy my favourite things.

Perhaps it is time for me to do the same and show some love to things I personally find fascinating yet underrated. I love a lot of ridiculous, obscure, weird things. Things that I think deserve to be talked about more. Many times I asked myself, "man I wish someone talked about this cool thing more". Maybe that someone was me all along. I shall pay tribute to the things that inspire me in the shrines.

The Masked Singer International

The Masked Singer is a music show and guessing game originated from South Korea, adapted and spread internationally. The main gist is contesting celebrities appearing fully costumed, disguising their identities, and they can only be recognized by their singing voice and additional clues provided. Said costumes, also known as masks, are the most visually striking element of the show, often featuring an elaborate costume design and execution behind them. There are masks of all sorts of animals, objects, figures and themes, and they cover a wide range of aesthetics and motifs.

In other words, this show is like Pokémon and Eurovision mashed together and on crack. As someone who loves character design and audiovisual performances, I can't get enough of this stuff.

This show is a great inspiration for my art, and I decided to create shrines in honor of some of my favourite masks.

Virtual Bestiarium

These shrines honor all sorts of made-up creatures wrought from imagination and technology: virtual pets, battle monsters, and all sorts of digital media involving raising or taking care of such entities.

The Videogame Vault

For all sorts of virtual experiences, big and small, popular and obscure. All of them significant. Doesn't include virtual pets.

Other Obsessions

Things that defy category, but nevertheless still (or perhaps even more) loved.