20/07/22: Hey, I might as well put an announcement here. I might not update this website as frequently for the time being. There are a lot of things happening on the physical world right now... one way or another, I ended up living life outside the screen.

08/07/22: Gave the Links page a makeover and added a bunch more! Now it's a reasonable sized Links page and I won't add anymore unless I find something really cool, tho I might add more Links on the Links parade from time to time.

26/06/22: I'm currently adding a few more pages for collectibles to the website.

24/06/22: Made a shrine for a little videogame I love to bits, Pac-Man 2! Come with me to a cartoony world that is home to the greatest videogame hero of all time... No, we'll talk about the Super Mario Brothers Super Show later!!!

16/06/22: I'm archiving past updates on the update log, so it won't make the home page any longer than it already is. Check them out by scrolling to the bottom!

08/06/22: So, this was entirely unexpected and wasn't in my plans for this website, but I just decided I'm gonna make Masked Singer costume reviews. They'll be in the shrines section, but won't replace shrines, but those are only for my very very favourites. I'm also tweaking here and there things of my website, to make things a lil' better. How about you hover over the art on my Gallery, or the moodboard on the Toon Project? By the way, I think it's time to archive these updates somewhere sometime soon...

30/05/22: Made a Neopets shrine! I've decided that it's best for me to create a "bare minimum" version of what I have in mind, and then tweak it and update it as I go along. Hey, this is a website we're talking about, not a videogame! But be warned: by unlocking the Neopets shrine, a new challenger is approaching... wait, didn't we just said this wasn't a videogame?!

14/05/22: Today, on an otherwise normal day (except Eurovision), I've released the first "world" on my Worlds Page. This is the place where some of my favourite creations live, and I'm mortified, yet excited that I'm giving them a place outside my mind for the very first time. I've always lived afraid of sharing something this personal, but reading past me on this exact same page, I guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is. This one goes for anyone who's ever been afraid of sharing their creations, because they fear rejection, because they fear mockery, because they fear something bad happening to them or their art. I'm taking this one for the team to see what's on the other side. See you later, and thank you Stephen.

30/04/22: Oops, Corrupet broke! I fixed her now. I've been working on several things on the background, including a big one that's very important for me, but it'll still take a while. Plus, I feel like sooner or later I will have to send in my computer for fixing, so this website might not update for a good while. Thanks for the patronage, and come back soon!

4/04/22: Added a Credits page! For now, it's only accessible thru Others, but I want to give it a much more dignified space sometime.

31/03/22: Hello from the other side! I've been learning new things and making small changes here and there, but this is one of the big ones! I added a splash page with some of the text from here, because let's face it, it was getting cluttered around here! Don't forget to say hello to my Gifypet below!

15/03/22: Back to the drawing board! I'm taking a break so I can learn more cool HTML tricks to make my website richer. I need to focus a little more on quality this time!

8/03/22: Added a second shrine for Pokemon! It's a bit rough around the edges but the main gist is there. What's important is that there's now a virtual place for one of my favourite battle monsters. I also added a page for blinkies I collected - but be warned, it flashes a lot!

2/03/22: First addition to the "Others" page is a page for adoptables, webpets and other endearing virtual critters that have made of my website their home. I plan to add similar pages for buttons, blinkies, stamps and other neat stuff.

28/02/22: Welcome to the first Lunes de Links! I started a link page where I will share all the useful and interesting webpages I find while surfing on the web. It's got 15 links to start and I plan to add more every Monday. If you see a link you've got on your own link page, consider yourself a person of GREAT taste!!!

26/02/22: Introducing the Shrines page! I've been working on several things these weeks, but I felt a rush that pushed me to finish at least one shrine page for this weekend. I hope I don't get burnt out!

14/02/22: Happy Valentine's Day! I'm starting to add some cool people's websites on the neighbour column (the one on the left). I'm also adding a special Valentine's picture to my gallery.

13/02/22: Update log first added! Also learning how to layout my site in these neat little windows and sidebars. There's still a lot to be done, but I'm having fun!