Godis Automaten is a gumball machine mask from the Swedish version of The Masked Singer, Masked Singer Sverige.

Main info

Name: Godis Automaten / Godisautomaten
Country: Sweden
Placement: Winner!
Celebrity: Daniel Norberg, comedian and music artist

What's not to love about dear Godis here? He's a goofy, slightly unsettling looking object head (seriously, he looks like an escaped DHMIS character) in a bright red fancy suit, evocative of Willy Wonka and with an absolute golden voice. A bit simple-looking compared to more elaborate costumes, but Godis doesn't really need many more frills to show how strong of a visual an object head can be.

Okay, before I go any further: let it be known that I absolutely despise slow, emotional songs. I find them boring, I find their supposedely emotional appeal fake, and they're mostly a guaranteed bathroom break for me. Not with Godis, tho, his voice is just that good. Every single song of his is enjoyable: he can pull heartrending, he can pull fun, he can pull a mean Elvis impression, his voice is beautiful and just pure molten gold. Not to mention he got some very neat performance setups, too! Almost all of them candy-themed, colorful, and fun.

These are pictures of his performances! Not all of them are available officially, so clicking on some will not link to actual performances. Sorry about that!

Godis here starts in the best way you could possibly give a mask: by giving them a song that fits their character. With that song, that voice and that performance, Candyman is just a feast of a visual spectacle, eye candy if you will (HAH).

Then, he makes an incredibly tender, smooth and outright beautiful rendition of Stay (Monster, eat your heart out), and continues to put that deliciously smooth voice to good use with Castle on a Hill.

Then, he switches gears completely and sings A Little Less Conversation dropping the pitch in his voice, thus managing a faithful recreation of The King's voice. I also gotta give props to that simple black/white/red stage, getting away from the candy theme but still looking very appealing, and the way he dances and handles that mic. And props to the backup singer's work!

Then, we go back to another fun pop song, but this time is Cake By The Ocean, another song that matches Godis' sweet theme. I actually kind of predicted this one before the show even started!

I really like the ice cream guy on this performance. I bet he's like, someone on the studio's dad.

Later then Godis takes on new heights (HAH) by singing (SONG) on a swing! They just amped up the whimsical, and while it's a joy to see him up in the sky, you also gotta notice how he nervously grips on the swing when he takes off. Safety first!

Finally, while I cannot deny Hey Look Ma I Made It is a great fit for his finale song, I must admit it's my least favourite of his performances. It just doesn't have the spice (and the sugar) of the previous ones, and... I gotta admit, Godis himself sounds/acts tired during the whole thing. Like he's running out of fuel. But I can forgive that, for he deserved winning for the trail of wonderful songs and performances he left behind.

Godis' personality is a delicate balance between dandy and silly, as if he was trying to keep an elegant, sophisticated appearance but couldn't help himself to act childlish at times. He bows to the audience and holds his cane in a gentleman-like manner, but he's also prone to making goofy noises in his clues and did this silly sassy walk in his final face-off.

Godis is also shown to be affectionate with fellow masks, hugging them after every voting round (a trait probably inherited by fellow contestant Sjöbjörnen). The only mask he seems to have some sort of animosity towards is Voodoodockan - he specifically chose him as part of his "advantage"* in an attempt to bring him down, and he doesn't seem too fond of him judging by his final clue package.

*In Masked Singer Sverige, they introduced a mechanic we'll call the "advantage": at a certain point in the show, the two most high-voted surviving masks will sing an additional song and be voted again. The winner gets the "advantage" of choosing the mask they'll face off against in the next episode, with the purpose of knocking them off the competition.

Well, Godis won this "advantage" and chose Voodoodockan. However, even if he won this matchup against him, Dockan still managed to survive that episode, with Draken being unmasked instead. Voodoodockan would go on to reach finale along with Godis and Enhörningen (another mask I love, digging that "modern" take on an unicorn by making her an influencer!) and to finally showdown against Godis on one final reprise medley for the title of winner of the Masked Singer Sweden.

Fun facts!

Godis' gumball machine head is partially functional! The crank can be turned and small items can be hidden behind his flap. This is used in two of his clues (producing a small Troll Doll and a lipstick), and I wish it was a thing through all his clues. It was really, really fun.

Although this is quite specific, Godis Automaten is not the only object-headed, cane-wielding, fancy dressed mask to win a season of The Masked Singer. That honor was first claimed by Disco Ball, from Mexico.
Godis has a cousin in Uruguay! His name was Máquina de Dulces and he only got to sing a song before being unmasked, revealing to be Arturo Valls, host of the Masked Singer in Spain!


This Instagram account has all the episodes divided in parts, including the finale! Here I linked to the first part of the finale episode, but if you'd like to see that final Godis vs Dockan medley, I'll link to it right here
KollaFilm - a place to watch stuff online in Swedish, with Swedish subtitles. Includes Masked Singer Sverige, both seasons, but for some reason lacks the finale of S1.

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