The Thunderdrome

My two sad aluminium shelves became a tiny jungle overnight thanks to this easy trick!! Just ask around somebody you know (even tangentially) about their plants, and tell them you're interested in gardening too. If they are nice (and my mom's friend is very nice), they'll give you seeds and cuttings from their own garden.

Friend of Mom specifically gave me two bagfuls of plant cuttings and uprooted plants. I spent all night sorting them and planting them. I almost have no space now.

She gave me so many "in case anything dies", which given my lack of green thumb, they will. It's the Hunger Games now. With everybody sharing common soil/water, and a poor window placement that gives about an hour or so of direct sunlight, we'll see what survives from this. Lady told me these are very hardy plants, she didn't give me anything she didn't think I couldn't handle. We'll see what takes root and what not.