Chuck the Plant

Chuck is the sole survivor of a fancy cute little succulent arrangement I bought for 2 euros at a charity market. He and his companions lived very well in this little reused glass cocoa spread pot decorated with rainbow string and two rocks until it was time to repot.

As far as I'm told, succulents aren't fussy when it comes to space and they will happily adapt to anything you give them. I even saw tiny live succulents used as magnets. In either case, I got them repotted, maybe because I wanted to see the family grow, maybe because there were issues with their original home.

It ended in tragedy. Somehow the other plants got buried and we never found them again. Only Chuck lives, standing tall as he always did.

Nowadays, Chuck stands tall, despite multiple scary storms, harsh summer weather and oblivious parents who believe succulents need lots and lots of water. He's grown a bit scraggly, and I was told you can hold lights close to succulents to prevent them from growing tall so they stay small and cute, but I learnt that after Chuck, and in either case it's impressive how he's grown and lasted for so long and so much. Chuck has even produced babies twice, although none has managed to grow yet - sans Chuck Jr, who is in direstraits.