Terrarium in a Bottle

This is a terrarium in a bottle, purchased in a medieval market by whom we'll call Moss Guy.

Moss Guy is an enthusiast of these tiny ecosystems - he obtains these plants from the region he comes from (all within here), and makes sure these bottles are self-sufficient - all they need is non-direct light, and to never open the cork, lest the delicate balance is thrown off. Water is consistently condensed and recycled here, and it has the exact amount it needs - no more, no less.

I've got his contact number in case I need any assistance, but so far, this tiny world has been thriving. Moss Guy told me these are very slowly developing plants - they grow really slowly. However, I manage to see changes almost every day! I guess that means it's thriving. If anything really goes wrong, he told me to look at the moss - if it yellows, that's a bad sign.

My bottle features two empty snail shells - one in the classical "spiral" format and another in that elongated, conical shape more reminiscent of sea shells. Next to them, there's a plant on each side - one that shoots blue flowers, next to the conical shell (the Twisty Kingdom) - and another plant with red stems and leaf borders that shoots up pink flowers, next to the spiral shell (the Swirly Kingdom).

I often catch myself staring at the bottle and daydreaming of the life in there. Who lives in the Twisty and Swirly Kingdoms? Bugs? Tiny dinosaurs? Fairies? Tiny unicorns? Are they allies or enemies? Why? How are their cultures like? What are their similarities and differences?