The Beatles

These are 5 jade plant cuttings given to me after an excellent dinner with my neighbours. It was a lovely day, with homemade yoghurt, dogs that like to tug at your shirt like a kid trying to carry you through a dangerous place, and homemade lemon cheesecake.

Lady is a plant enthusiast who grows her garden entirely on pots. Upon expressing interest, she gave me cuttings from her "money tree" - or at least, this is how it's called around here. I guess it's because its leaves are round like coins? Apparently this plant gives good feng shui and attracts success and money. Yeah, I could use some of that!

Cuttings have been potted in soil and given lots and lots of water. They're currently supposed to grow roots, and then, we'll be able to transplant them wherever we want. I'd love to take Ringo home when he's ready.

Note: they're not necessarily named after the Beatles because my neighbour is from the United Kingdom, I just saw Yellow Submarine that week. Also, Christina is named like that to honor the lady's tradition to name her plants after the people she took them from.