On May 2023, I've started getting interested in homesteading. To be fair, I already was interested in things like home economics, ecology and being able to do things with your own hands since I was a tyke, but May 2023 was the time where I started reading homesteading books and retook an interest in gardening.

I don't have a green thumb (unicorns don't have thumbs, silly!), but I want to give this a try. I feel like I'm not able to be able to take care of living beings. That's why I have no pets. But I want to prove myself I can, and plants seem to be a good starting point for that. I'm aiming for a non-fussy, edible garden that brings food to the table and joy to the eyes and heart. A little green space in two aluminium shelves of a balcony that only gets 1 hour of light or so. I'm experimenting to see what can grow there.

I want to keep track of my plants' progress, and I think a website is the perfect place for that.