Dreams that do not fit the previous categories. Perhaps the grab-baggiest of the grab bag that are my dreams, or perhaps not.

06/08/2023: Dragon Statuettes

In this dream, I found a market in a faraway part of town. They sold many sorts of beautiful things. Among them, there was a stall where a lady sold femenine dragon statuettes and a few old trinkets and merchandise.

I was particularly interested in a sort of anthropomorphic dragon-elf: not an elf that looks like a dragon, or that bullshit fantasy authors like to pull of "dragons" looking like completely normal people. This was more like a dragon with a certain "elfish" aura to her. She was pink with a flower crown, with ornate wings that were leathery and "batty", like a normal dragon, but fancy and curled up kinda reminiscing of a butterfly. She was sitting like a person, on a toadstool or a tree stump, playing music with a flute or a lute or a harp. I also remember a second dragon, less anthropomorphic, blue with the tail tip sawed off to host three roses.

Elf Dragon costed 50 bucks, and I bought her in case someone snatched her first. I didn't see the rest of the market yet, but I hoped it was worth it.

25/06/2023: Dream Loop 3

This was a gentler Dream Loop than the others I had, but still pretty mean. I couldn't get up of my bed while wonderful things were happening outside. Said things included a flock of sheep passing (I could hear their gentle bleating); foreign birds visiting; and morning rain, which, in combination with the incoming rising sun, it would form a rainbow.

I wanted to get up my bed and out of my house and see the wonders outside, but I couldn't move.

When I finally woke up, it was a clear day with bird song and chicken noises in the physical world, so that wasn't too bad.

12/06/2023: Swimming in the Cosmos

I was in a pool at night in the middle of a city, contemplating a vast, expansive starry sky, looking exactly like those galaxy prints that got so popular in the 2010's. And I was able to swim upwards, in order to reach the sky. I crossed the cloud layer until I reached the stars above, with the clouds beneath me. I was flying, swimming, floating across the universe without a care.

30/05/2023: The Mud Pit

This dream felt to me like a childhood memory, in which I was digging a pit out of the mud with the help of my cousins. During the dream, we kept talking about how we wanted to make this pit into a fort and a home: we would make a moat around it and fill it with pool water, we'd put some plastic tarp over it so our things wouldn't get messy, and we would bring all our favourite toys and snacks and have fun. And the day after, we would explore the pool. It was emphasized that we dug the pit near the pool "so we would always have fresh water available".

26/05/2023: The Community

A community with big lunky orcs, little black goblins, and humans, all living in harmony, in a string of houses that is their home. Or maybe they were all just the same people represented differently.

People are so acquainted to eachother they walk into eachother's houses. My father lived in a different house thhan mine, and I wanted to spend some time in his, especially since he was sleeping and I wanted to make sure someone was watching over the house (me in this case).

I also remember the story of a human who wanted to become stronger, and eventually went to war, transformed into a black goblin with mean round eyes, kinda like Giroro. Other soldiers are scared, because they would rather be back with their families, but this one only wanted to prove himself in battle.

A war was approaching. The common people had to leave in a series of caravans, establishing in places only temporarily, and setting things up like a small farm. A chicken and a rabbit escape, and the owner asks his neighbours to repair the fence while he looks for them. He's a big orc, and when he finds the rabbit, he picks it up and puts it in a jar to return it to the pen. As for the chicken, it was a small young chicken, halfway between chick and fully grown, but it changes into a chickadee and flies to a branch on a tree, where it can't be reached. Looking at it, the orc wonders how it had never flied away before. Then, the chickadee flies back down again, perching on his finger, and singing a little song that went "minah minah minah minah". The orc is endeared by the song, and decides he will keep the bird as a companion, not as food, and the dream ends.

20/05/2023: The Tailor and the Orc

In this dream, a big burly orc (as in, "green fantasy brute person") takes a taxi and has a conversation with the driver about his tailor.

The orc talks about how his current clothing is "soft", which is something that embarrasses him, since he's supposed to wear "tougher" clothes. Apparently, his skin is "delicate" by orc standards. His tailor told him he can make him some elegant armor made of flexible, tough leather that is gentle to his skin, and that he can dye it with beetrot so it'll match his green skin. The orc seemed very pleased with his tailor.

14/05/2023: The Countryside Village

In which I walk through the countryside, and I reach a village. Everybody is very friendly and nice, and I meet people of all ages. When it's time for me to leave, someone tells me the shortest way out to my home, which is again, through the countryside.

18/02/2023: The Bending Neon City

I'm witnessing a city nightscape scene from a pool. All the city is illuminated in neon lights with the same colour, fading into new ones. Planes come down with the same neon lights, and the buildings bend to let them pass through. It happens to the one I'm on, and I feel this very forceful bend, as if I was right inside the special effects of a movie like Inception or Free Guy. Like, if I was living in one of those buildings that are twisting and bending.

16/02/2023: The Yokai Parade

Immediately after dreaming with the OS of my mind, I attempted to lucid dream to reach it again. It was unsuccessful, and I had two different dreams instead. Strangely, both dreams involve computers. This is one of them.

The other dream is about realizing a cloud formation is actually a parade of yokai-like ghosts, and me rushing back home with a bunch of schoolkids, tearing down an aluminium fence in the process to slow them down somehow. We all must go back to our homes, make sure our family and belongings are inside too and never go naked: the ghosts hate that.

I was wandering around my home (very different in both layour and decoration from my actual home), and noticed a computer and that the toys scattered around were some of my earliest. Computer was the family computer and had partitions, one for each family member.

Also, during the dream, something ugly happened to my face my forehead and cheeks and eyebrow ridge got swollen up, but I don't know what caused it or why.

16/02/2023: The Rose Quartz Cat

Immediately after dreaming with the OS of my mind, I attempted to lucid dream to reach it again. It was unsuccessful, and I had two different dreams instead. Strangely, both dreams involve computers. This is one of them.

First dream had a recurrent market everyday, and a neighbor's cat on the portal. I was trying to prevent her from escaping the building and returning her home. She was black and white, looking a bit like Guppy from The Binding of Isaac (at least that kind of coat and patterns, for reference), and had a pink ribbon collar with a little bottle of rosequartz and other New Age stuff.

I caught her attention by waving my scarf so she plays catch, then i put my hands on her and try to return her to her home via elevator.

I do a little joke as if trying to "copy" her and paste her into the building (I have a mouse and the elevator door gets a Microsoft Windows - like surface), but she doesn't like it, she claws at me (and itry to stay calm like "yes I know you have claws") and then she bites me.

I think the dream ends with her grabbing me from the back and biting my face/nose and clawing my back and I wake up feeling the pain on the face and one very specific point on the back (a kidney, I think)

05/02/2023: The Recycled Jean Case and the Scrapbook

I dreamt I went to the ren faire, and there was a very simple stall - an undressed table and an awning.

Two people were tending to it, and they sold special cases made of recycled jeans that had an infinity of storage and secret pockets. It was also artfully decorated too, and I really wanted one even if I didn't know what to put in it yet.

They also sold huge, homemade folders, collaged and filled with goodies: articles, comics and activities ripped from magazines and added to it, stickers, it felt like a scrapbook made of a lot of different and unexpected things. The one I was perusing happened to have things related to Neopets, Zelfs and my favourite old-timey Spanish comics, so I really wanted to purchase it too - it felt as if it was made for me.

31/01/2023: Crawling Through Grass

I was crawling through large extensions of grass with my college buddies, with the occasional yellow flower meadows. We were crawling using our arms, very close to the ground. This way, we were able to see how alive the soil was, somehow without interrupting it with our crawling: full of minuscule creatures hithering and thithering, thriving.

24/01/2023: Drawing Five People

In which I meet 5 people:

Something very memorable happens: I do not actually remember it, but apparently it warrantied me offering them to draw them to remember such occasion.

I think this dream is celebrating connection, those brief yet meaningful moments you make with random people through life.

11/01/2023: Alternate Language Earth

In this dream, I go on a space adventure, first with my family, and then with my class. We travel with a spaceship made out of our own home. When I travelled with my family, it was more about managing resources, but when I was with my class, we reached another world.

This world was similar to ours, if anything, a little more futuristic-looking, but people there used different words for things in our world, different expressions. For example, bees were called cows, and the other way round, and "catch up with someone" implied years, if not decades. Overall, it felt like language had its own logic there, even if it used the same words and grammar structure from Earth.

We had a guide, and everything felt kinda like a school trip. He was a big, broad man, with dark hair and a moustache, wearing a brown coat. I think that wasn't exactly how he was meant to look, because clothes that weren't worn by an inhabitant suggested a more bottle-like shape, but that was my perception of him as a human from Earth. He had several boxes of purple soap "pellets" around, which he needed for his "cows".

I also had a little sibling, represented as a Pichu, who was upset because it was a new world and they felt alone and I wasn't paying attention to them as an older sibling. They're so upset they get reduced to their mere possessions, which includes a purple Carnival mask, which I pick up to continue our trip. They would be back when they felt better.

Overall, I found myself very eager to learn about this new world and the logic behind its language. I felt like I was "getting" it while I was on the dream.

31/12/2022: Walk Around the Spot

I was walking around a semi-natural area to make sure everything was alright.

First, I saw a herd of bisons and people taking photos with them. They seemed gentle and tame, like cows, but I didn't want to get near them because I knew they were very heavy and strong and could kill me if they wanted to.

Next, I saw a family of cats: three adults and around two-four kittens. They looked clean and healthy, and didn't need our help at all. Of course, outdoor cats are not a good idea, but this is just a dream.

Later, I saw a rabbit/hare with "mange". It looked sick and its fur was matted. There was a smaller hare that looked healthier, but I called my father to scare them off so they wouldn't spread diseases to the other animals, and especially not our dog (yes! the dog I'm always talking about). I remember picking him up and putting him inside our house for a while.

Finally, I saw a weasel-like creature with fox ears and coloration. Instead of a "real" or "natural" animal, it looked like a crude, minimalistic puppet as if it was made from a worm on a string with bead eyes (instead of tiny googly eyes).

31/12/2022: Armadillo-Like Critter

It was an armadillo-like creature: quadrupedal, but with longer legs and a kinder, Disneyesque face. I forgot its context, but it would make a nice Neopet I guess.

23/12/2022: Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse

Dear Dreamworld,

Just because the zombie craze in media is over it doesn't mean I want any of that,
remember, I only care about things when they're at least 7 years old.

Regards, Corrupted

In which my current classmates and I try to survive a zombie apocalypse. I have an allergy that left a bad rash all across my body. We travel by train, sleeping inside. I've got my trusty feather duvet with me. Train is the safest method we've got available, but it's not entirely zombie-proof/safe. Later, we travel places using some sort of rollercoaster train tracks - but not the cool ones that go up and down and do crazy spins. Have you ever seen those that do a simple circle or oval, has a "tunnel" part and there's a costumed person smacking you with a broom or a long balloon as you do laps around the tracks? We've got those here. Do you? How are they called? Here we call them "the witch's train" but again, the costumed person isn't always a witch, it's often the Marketable Kid-Appealing Mascot of the Season - and I went off the rails (HAH).

Back to the dream, we were going in a fashion like this, not in circles but through several different places, on these rollercoaster/carnival attraction-like vehicles, grabbing food and other useful things (I remember chocolate for some reason). We also somehow manage to acquire bombs. We don't pay for any of it, but screw it, it's the apocalypse.

Later, my team manages to obtain a trailer, part of a camping lot with lots of greenery, with somehow a working pizza restaurant in front. Pretty good considering it's the apocalypse. Now that we're speaking, I don't remember seeing any actual zombies in this dream? But it had this whole aura of "your life as you knew it is over, it's every man for himself now". Anyway, before we go get some pizza, I go into the trailer to put everthing we obtained in place, like, chocolate goes into the freezer (electricity is still working, don't ask).

12/12/2022: Relationship Advice A couple going through a rough patch in their relationship. I was talking to the man on how maybe it got boring to her and that I was speaking from experience: sometimes, women seek something new and thrilling for their lives if it gets too routinary, and that what was important was for the both of them to work on the relationship together, for the sake of eachother.
12/12/2022: Birthday Scavenger Hunt

It was my birthday, and a friend of mine had this idea of translating a point & click game she made into a real life version as to have a fun way for me to look for my birthday gift, as a fun scavenger hunt idea.

She didn't count on me absolutely sucking at point & click games (as much as I love them).

Lead by the game's clues, we to a parking lot outside a hypermarket, we make "mud angels" (like snow angels, but messier), and by doing this I dig up a shoebox.

Inside of it, there's gloves, gloves I used to own and I gifted to the friend hosting the birthday scavenger hunt. They got dirty from being buried up.

02/12/2022: A Club

This was a dream in which I was talking with the head of a club, trying to apply. I think it was a plant club, as in somewhere I could learn to grow and raise plants, but the conversation strayed to be about dinosaurs at some point. While we talked, I saw some club members come and go: people of all sizes and shapes wearing all sorts of quirky and colorful clothes. They felt like my people, somehow, a group I wanted to belong in.

10/11/2022: "Amongus"

I had this dream where I was a kid and I was playing "amongus" in real life with other kids (basically a more complicated version of hide and seek). I couldn't handle the tension, and instead of doing my tasks, I just went to hide under the table my dad was watching TV on. It was by no matter a kid-friendly movie (lots of guns and violence), but I assumed that as long as I didn't look at the screen I should be fine.
My father was with other dads in that room, and more kids joined in through the course of the game, since their dads were here. Maybe they thought they would protect them from "imposters". We had a little sleepover of sorts.

Then, an "imposter" (just another kid playing) enters the room and declares all the kids in the room dead. But we're just like "whatever, we don't care".

I... don't know why I had this dream. I have never even been into Amongus. Did I accidentally possess an actual child in my sleep!?

04/11/2022: Did Dreamworld hear I've been looking for people to fully share my hyperfixations with and attempted to fix that by making an entire frickin' con dedicted to the scrunkly of the month
13/10/2022: Rocks & Magnets

I dreamt i bought several rocks and magnets as souvenirs then ate them all.

09/10/2022: A friendly noogie

This is a sensory dream I had while napping. No visuals, but it was as if someone came up to me while I was sleeping and gave me what I can only describe as a mix between a massage and a friendly noogie, on my scalp and shoulders. I was wondering, still asleep and dreaming, who would be doing something like that. Maybe my family, or my bf? But I was alone at home back then.

09/10/2022: Mice and Horse Riding

In this dream, three mice (cartoony but accurately-sized mice) were using a mousetrap to catch a monster. The mousetrap is modified so it doesn't kill, but traps them in place. They accidentally use it on a cleaning lady mouse, who they thought she was the monster because she was wearing a cape covering most of her body.

Right after they free her from the trap, an eagle swoops in and catches the monster hunters. My point of view becomes the one of the cleaning lady, and I become human (regular ol' human me) and I jump on a horse to track where the eagle was flying.

I gotta observe that jumping on the horse (brown with white hair) was very easy, and gravity helped me. There was no saddle or anything, and I "commanded" it by gently shaking and pulling at its mane, and petting it when it got nervous.

I follow the eagle as it overflies a railway. It drops the mice and I manage to catch them. I put them in front of me so they can ride along with me.

Next, we go towards a building with a spiral ramp, built so horses would be able to go to the highest floors. I was being joined by fellow riders with their respective horses.

At the top floor there was a neon-lit sort of area, kinda like a bowling alley, with shops. However, I notice nobody else but me was on a horse, and I realize I forgot to "park" it on a previous section (a floor below that had hay and looked more like a concrete stable). As I try to backtrack, the dream ends.

I do wonder what would have happened if I kept going on, horse and all.

30/09/2022: The Death of Dreamwold Sparky

This dream involves the death of a pet. Most of the time these go into the Nightmare section, but... this one's different, so I oughta put it here. If you think this tale is going to affect you negatively in a way you do not desire, please close this tab and find a nicer dream. There's plenty of them right here.

In case you haven't visited the Nightmare section, and just to keep you updated: Sparky is a beloved pet of mine, a dog that passed away on the early 2017. Since his death, I've been having frequent, recurrent nightmares of him getting lost, and me trying to find it for it to never happen. Also, lots of strange conflicts between the dream's timeline and the real one, dreamwold often having to remind me that "what are you talking about? Sparky's not dead!"

In any case, this dream started with one of those memory retcons, but different: "What do you mean your dog was already dead? He isn't... but he's going to be soon."

While this was happening, I was attending a wedding for someone on the side of an aunt I do not see anymore, along with my cousins. I was following a queue to move to the place where the ceremony would take place.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my dog appears, running towards me because it wants to spend the last moments of his life in my arms.

I hug him and start an improvised eulogy on how important he was to me, and all the good things we did together... My cousin tries to interrupt to say something well-meaning, but I don't take it well and snap at him: "SHUT UP MY DOG IS DYING".

I resume telling Sparky how thankful I am for him helping temperating my mood. I tell him that, even if my moods are still quite unstable, he helped quite a bit. This part was actually something my father told me, that, apparently, as a kid, when I got too upset at my family or life, I would withdraw to my room with Sparky, and pet and play with him until I felt all better. And that since we got him, I seemed to be a calmer, happier child.

In the dream, when I ran out of things to say, he finally... departed.

People there were thinking on how to arrange a pet funeral while still making the wedding the main event, but that's not what matters right now...

My father told me what I just told you about kid me and my dog on a day that would end up being very important for me. I'm not proud of how I treated my dog back in the day, where I was too young to know the responsibility of caring for another living being. I've always felt I could have done better for the little guy. However, between what my father told me and this dream... it feels cathartic, even if tears still come to my eyes if I think too much about this.

09/08/2022: The R Reunion

I was visiting the home of an old acquaintance of mine, let's call him R. In real life, he was one of those kids you ended up playing with because their parents knew eachother and visited eachother a lot, but the truth is, we never got along. We were just too different and too young. Revisiting him in dreams was... strange, to say the least.

I ended up trapped in a corridor of his house, having to solve a puzzle while a robot of his chases me around. I somehow remember this situation from before (did I dreamt this??), and I notice the robot wields nothing this time (last time it happened, it apparently held something dangerous) and tell R two things:
1- That I cannot concentrate solving a puzzle while a robot chases me around
2- That nowadays he could have replaced the robot with a roomba with a knife taped on

Casual as this conversation is, because we're now adults and a lot chiller than when we were kids, R still refuses to let me leave till I solved the puzzle. However, this time I get to get away without completing it because I inform him something (I don't remember if it was the robot or something else) caught on fire.

While he fixed it, I went to the kitchen to find some water to douse the fire with, but I somehow got trapped when one of the walls started to inflate grotesquely, blocking the door and preventing me from leaving. I yell at R this is happening and he told me to just wait till it's over. Eventually, the wall deflates but another starts to to do the same. Panicked, I hide behind the door of a wardrobe, waiting for everything to be over.

11/08/2022: Joining a Musical

I was on the top floor of a building, in a big group consisting of both people I knew in real life and friends to be met yet. We were packing things up, and discussing everyday things - making dinner, picking up children, etc. At one moment, I suggest "...and doing a little dance if there's time left".

Not immediately after I said that, but a little while later, I didn't know how it started, but everybody in the room began to dance as if it was a musical number. I joined in the dance, too. I wasn't very good at dancing (just like in real life) - I wasn't completely in synch, and there was even a moment where I spun out of control and stepped out of line, but I got through by observing what other people did.

Despite those flaws, the choreography still worked, I let myself be carried away by the music and overall everyone was having fun above all else.

It was a very positive dream. Wonder what could it mean.

30/07/2022: Sparky's New Home

My beloved dog, Sparky, who has sadly passed away in real life years ago, found a new home with some neighbours of mine. I couldn't take care of him, so I left him with a family I knew that would care for him. Plus, since we lived close to eachother, I could visit him any time.

My neighbors curled and trimmed Sparky's hair so he wouldn't shed as much fur. He looked covered in small, spongy nodes of fur. He was very soft and squishy, like a baby blanket.

While I was visiting my neighbors, Sparky and I ended falling asleep on a rocking chair, with him on my lap.

16/06/2022: Bonzilla

I was driving a duck-shaped spaceship resembling the Yellow Submarine. I took a mental note in my dreams, "all iconic vehicles must be yellow".

I was cruising in my super-cool vehicle with a crew of friends to be met yet, when I see a kaiju in the distance. It looked like a huge Noivern on its way to cause destruction.

We drive towards the school the kaiju was directed too, and we hurry to warn everybody to evacuate. I hit an alarm, I go into every class I find and tell everyone to leave...

But it's kinda late, for the kaiju starts to tear off a chunk of the building. And I notice it wasn't a Noivern at all. It was Bonzi Buddy.

08/05/2022: Tickling a duckling

Nothing more, and nothing less than I described in the title.

I like recording nice dreams about positive interactions with animals because I got a lot of nightmares that were the exact opposite.

I also had a nightmare this day, but it hits a bit too close home to record it here.

31/03/2022: Time-Travelling Children from the Future

In which my future children time travel back to my present to visit me.

Apparently, I had two children, a boy and a girl, but since they were travelling to the past, they had to "combine them", resulting in one child, around 7-8 years, looking like either a boy with long hair or a tomboyish girl.

In the dream, I was being nice and spending time with them but also getting a grip on the fact that apparently, I did have children even if I don't want them, neither in the dream or in real life. I tried to ask them where they came from, or who was their father, while I was thinking how to explain them, in a polite way, that I don't want children, and thus they shouldn't exist.

21/03/2022: The Reason I Am Not A Teacher

Just a little warning here: this is not a nightmare, because I didn't perceive it as one, but there is child death, child mismanagement, misuse of mental health-related words and disrespect to the dead in here, so if that upsets you, there are way nicer dreams in this section, so close this one and go look at another.

In this dream, I met an old classmate of mine: a girl that, in real life, went down some bad paths. Here, she was a nurse, and she called me out on that time I was working as a teacher, watching over kids in the playground (I've never done this in real life).

Apparently, there were two kids who were digging up the grave of another kid who, for some reason, was buried in school. She was upset at me for letting them do that. I think i did try to stop them, but I also knew they were degenerates. Lost causes. Kids that won't change their awful ways, no matte what. So I didn't stop them as much as I should.

This happened a while ago, but through this nurse, I learn one of those kids is looking for me, like a stalker, over the web to try to dox me or find some incriminating stuff, but he didn't find me yet because I have little to no social media.

These topics are very serious, but I treated them very casually. I remember the words "Girl. What I was supposed to do. Those two kids were psychopaths." coming from my mouth.

I guess this is why I didn't get into education. (The real reason is because I do not have the passion to teach and education is a responsibility too huge to go about it without a genuine passion for it.)

28/01/2022: House Fire

Dream about a house in the mountains getting burned, dad and I rush to help the family owning the house to douse down the fire, afterwards I go inside to pick up any animals that got trapped inside, putting them in a pen outside. There was this kid that I thought was inside the house asking for help but was outside and a bystander with his family, but he was bored and all he wanted is to play. I tell him there is something very bad happening right now and I need to help, and that we can play later. He seems to understand. Then I film what happened in the fire, but more like the aftermath, showing inside the house and stuff. Later we get some strange seeings and the family turns against us?? Telling us we're the reason the fire happened in the first place and stuff.

Later on there's a man who asks my dad and I for a second season of some documental we made about the strange seeings. He wants it for tomorrow and to make his point clear he throws a black cat into our pool (which I rescue). While I think how could we film something mysterious in the chalet we get zombies. That change into zombie ponies. That change into alien ponies. We had like 7-9, then only 3 remain, and we manage to make them friends by letting them swim in our pool. Later one of them tries to write me a letter thanking me for liking her sailor moon edit, but struggles a bit writing human words with human letters

06/01/2022: Some fucker stealing my stuff

I was looking at stores as a little free time after all the work I did on animation class. It had to be that day because the rest of the week, stores would be closed because of holidays. And then, some fucker steals MY DOG.

This dog was a random old doggy that had an old green doggy sweater. "He was my yoga/meditation teacher" (I don't know if this sentence refers to the thief or the dog). Either way, I smack the fucker on his neck and run with the dog, on a leash.

Then, I turn around and see him trying to get away WITH MY PLUSH, a handmade bunny one I do own in real life. I return to my parents, give them the dog on its leash and scream "HEY THIS FUCKER IS A THIEF HE'S GETTING AWAY WITH MY STUFF STOP HIM".

And then some random lady points at him with her thumb like "this guy?". She tackles him to the floor, we beat the crap out of him, I get my plush back.

05/01/2022: My plushies summoning Courage

In which my plushies frickin' summon Courage the Cowardly Dog to help me against scary stuff in my dreams.

That's it. That's the dream. My bf says this is quite symbolic since Courage is scaredy but always pulls through to protect those in need.

27/12/2021: In the Art Forgery

I was inside the studio of a guy and a lady who made art forgeries to sell, along with some friends i've yet to met. It was like a big abandoned warehouse with paint splatters, art supplies and canvases everywhere.

The place felt kind of illegal and dangerous, but I managed to stay out of shady stuff by focusing on their original art: "Ooooh, I like this rainbow dragon a lot! And these two appleheads goofing around on the beach. How much for those?"

The forgers seemed genuinely touched someone cared for their original art. I talked with them, asked them more about what they make of their own, even bought some of their art pieces. They even protected us from some goons. Maybe I made a difference this time.

27/12/2021: Axolotl is a Karen pass it on

Ok, for context: I'm talking about this Axolotl. She sang in an ear-grating "mocking" voice, as if she didn't want to be there. Here's a sampler just in case you decide your ears could use some punishment. This is all real life facts, now onto the dream.

In this dream, the Masked Singer discord server I frequent and some friends to be met yet formed some sort of theatre/drama club and we were setting up a show/concert on an abandoned artist studio, just for fun.

But Axolotl, both the celebrity and her costume, popped in and demanded to be in the show, insisting that, while she might be a horrible singer, she was a good person because she was the only actual Masked Singer who even bothered to show up to our little primary school-grade concert, and that it wouldn't be nice of us to not let her join the show.

She was very pushy, very naggy and very condescending, while hiding behind this "niceness" justification, and it got to a point we had to cancel our show halfway while it was running to argue with her backstage. We had to even physically get in the way so she wouldn't reach the stage.

At the end, I got imbued with resolution, and with a firmness that is not often found in me, I said: "Listen ma'am. A "good" person doesn't pop in a running show unprompted and demands to be included in. A "good" person does not insist once she has been politely denied. In fact, there are things a horrible person would do, and guess what: that's exactly what you're doing. So please, ma'am, leave or we're gonna be forced to kick you out by our own hand. We didn't like you before, as a singer, and your behavior here does NOT make us like you as a person. Please go away. Just fuck off."

24/11/2021: The Pigeon

I dreamt I was in bed, hanging out with an old friend in a parking lot. There was a pigeon that got stuck on one side of the bed and couldn't get out of there by itself. It was a beautiful white pigeon with pink undertones.

I picked it up to get it out of there. It pressed its forehead against mine, signaling we were friends now. But then, the other friends began playing with the pigeon, gentle interactions, and it stopped paying attention to me.

18/10/2021: "The best of the Internet and real life, put together"

Where I live, they put a big cork board so people could tack on messages, notes, announcements, flyers and whatnot. People, especially artistic people like me, also put drawings up the corkboard, along with the artist's mail. We contacted eachother, meet eachother, ran upstairs, downstairs, drew weekly things together...

I really enjoyed those feelings of connection and closeness with fellow artsy people. Maybe that's why I described it that way on the title.

01/10/2021: The Blue Butterfly

Strange how I'm getting two butterfly/moth dreams in a row.

Anyway, in this dream, I was starting my day as usual, washing my face in the sink, when I noticed there was a blue butterfly fluttering around the bathroom. It stopped on my arm and I could see its buggy face, just like once happened in real life with an orange butterfly. I think the dream one either had a smaller red butterfly on it or a pattern that resembled one.

The dream reaches a point where I'm looking through the window (I probably left it open so the butterfly could get out) and there were two feathers: a blue one, and a yellow one with black stripes (think more of a bird or a butterfly pattern instead of a bee one).

I know I have to let the butterfly take away the blue one. It "holds" it between its legs and begins to flutter outside my home. There's a moment where I pick the blue feather back from the butterfly, but I eventually let it take it, keeping the yellow one with me.

03/09/2021: Atlas Moth Chicken

I saw an atlas moth outside my school. I tried to take a picture of it, but it fluttered away, backwards (did it flip mid-air?) and then few back down, turning into a brown chicken, with similar-looking coloration and markings to the moth it once was.

It allowed me to hug and pet it. While cuddling the chicken, I heard these words in my mind: "Domestic animals were made to enjoy human contact".

Third wholesome animal dream in a year??

06/08/2021: Duck-Penguins and Dog Mermaids

I went to swim at the pool, but it was occupied by "penguins" and "seals".

The penguins floated like ducks and had duck-like positions. They were pretty much ducks with the colour and markings of penguins.

The seals were pretty much dog mermaids in the literal sense, and when stepping out of the water, they would become regular dogs. They were mostly poodles and smaller, "cuter" dog breeds.

They were all wild animals, and thus I couldn't get near them, but at least I got to see them swim on the pool, so I found a nearby seat and enjoyed the sight.

27/07/2021: The Puppy

In case you didn't read the Nightmares section yet, I have frequent nightmares about pets getting hurt.

However, this dream must have been the first time in a long time (if not ever) that I was "allowed" to interact with a pet with nothing bad happening to it.

I just dreamt I had a fluffy white puppy dog in my arms, trying to lick my face. I was giggling and trying to avoid getting licked, but it was all a fun game, and just a genuine happy moment.

15/05/2021: The Soapbox Race

My school started a soapbox race event, although the idea was more like "make something with wheels and race around town". Not having any engineering experience, I thought of simply grabbing a shopping cart, decorating it with unicorns and toons, and putting a cooler bag inside with snacks, drinks and videogames. Don't game and drive, kids.

13/11/2020: The Walking Drug

I dreamt that my parents and their friends got arrested by drug possession. I demanded explanations to mom because obviously I was very disappointed in them.

The drug they had was one that "made people crave walking", and it was deemed very dangerous nowadays.

30/09/2020: A Walk to the Beach

A simple dream in which I prepared things to go for a walk on the shoreline along my bf. I was packing towels and money for ice cream. He was just there for a very brief amount of time, and we wanted to make the most of it. I also remember us going down a path filled with fallen flower petals.

27/04/2020: Snippets

A butterfly in a cage. Reading outside, and a bunny jumping on my lap, trying to hide under my arm. A mama duck and her ducklings. Leaving my rainbow mug (repurposed as a planting pot) outside so it would catch rain water.

25/05/2019: D&D Session with Mom

I was playing D&D, but it was only me and my mother as the DM. She described the following scene:

"You are at the door of [someone plot-relevant]'s house. There is a carnivorous plant connected to the doorbell, so if you try to ring, the plant will bite you. What will you do?"

I try to come up with solutions: "Oh easy, just grab a stick and call with that". She replies: "No, there's no sticks". "Well, is there a fence? A fence I can jump on?". She's getting stern, as if trying to imply: "That doesn't matter, I already told you all the important things you need".

Who's a better DM, my mom or me back on that other dream?

20/01/2019: The "Lympathic System"

In which a friend's "lympathic system" comes out of her to bitch at me.

It was sort of a thing like this, but creamish-yellow, and didn't carry blood, but something else.

02/12/2018: It's Raining Dead Fish

Warning, this one gets a little gross at one point. The dream itself doesn't dwell on this, but yeah. You're getting what you're reading above.

This one was about some sort of escape room where you would play "survival" against giant animatronic dinosaurs. I was with my bf on a building next to this attraction, looking at it from a terrace. The dinosaurs moved around, roared, walked and jumped. They couldn't actually attack/hurt you, and you would use mock weapons to "deflect" them while you ran around the maze looking for an exit. However, there was a bazooka kind of weapon they had to retire. It only shot air and powder, but people figured out you could put something like a pinecone inside it and it would actually shoot it out, potentially causing harm to the props or other players.

There were also robot sharks (I don't remember if they were like, in pools inside the dinosaur maze or a separate section reserved for hotter seasons), and, for some reason, coming from this whole maze survival game thing, a lot of dead fish (the kind they feed at dolphins and seals at zoos) started flying around everywhere, as if something exploded. I saw a fish through the corner of my eye zooming past me and I immediately prompted my bf to get inside the building.

??/??/2019-18?: The Depression Carousel

Uhh this dream has slight suicidal imaginery, proceed with caution.

This was less of a dream with a full story and more of an image that flashed in my mind. It was a merry-go-round with dulled colours, with depressed-looking horses: lowered heads, walking slowly. I don't remember if they were actual living horses or statues.
Riding these horses, there were anthropomorphic horses looking as sad as their quadrupedal brethen. Instead of a pole holding the riding horses in place, there were nooses around the anthropomorphic horse's necks.

13/09/2018: My bf and I in a Captain Underpants-tier plot

In this dream, my bf and I were both kids, and I was that kind of inventor kid who came up with all sorts of gadgets. I created some sort of bus rocket "so we could travel anywhere including space". We were on a school trip, and we met a javelin thrower and her pet, a "quail", or at least a cartoony interpretation of one: imagine the body structure and proportions of a real roadrunner, but with a quail's characteristics (including the little feather on top), and big as a large dog. It made a cry that sounded like the word "quail" (just like a Pokémon), and it was fast like the cartoon Roadrunner. It seemed like the javelin thrower got disqualified after something happened that wasn't her fault, and was looking to earn the top spot back.

Back from our school trip, I realize my bf got replaced by some other guy with the same name as his. It turns out some other kid from our school kidnapped him because apparently my bf's family ran an orange juice business and his had a lemon juice one, and believed that my bf's family orange juice business was ruining his lemon one, when the truth is, nobody wants to drink pure lemon juice out of a straw.

So yeah, our villain here is a kid who wants to eradicate orange juice forever, and minus the gross humor, you can see why I say this is a Captain Underpants kind of plot.

Later one, the javelin thrower's husband hears something related to my bf's kidnapping, and sends out the quail to investigate.

Then, something exploded and I woke up because I thought it happened in real life. It was probably a bus.

13/09/2018: Underground Snowy Prison

This place was vastly huge, so big people may not realize it was meant to keep people contained. It was the kind of place that's a bit abandoned, delerict and run over by nature, nature in this case being snow and chilly winds. People wore old winter clothing and did what they could to survive. They tamed penguins, feral fluffy cats and Siberian tigers (sabertooth tigers? I don't remember). There were Pokémon too, and there was an attempt to "extract gold" from a coin that was as big as a palm, but it was unsuccessful.

Where does this fit in Dreamworld? What did these people to end up there?

10/09/2018: LARPing session with the Tiny Toons

This dream was about the Tiny Toons having a LARPing session in an abandoned mansion. I was their DM, but instead of physically being there, I was some sort of ghostly entity they could address to by looking up or at the camera and talking.

At one point, Shirley tells me she wants to use her telepathic powers to talk with a creepy doll Buster and Plucky found while fighting in a dark room. I spent a good while looking through the rulebook to check how telepathy works, but I eventually gave up and tell her "roll for telepathics". She tosses a dice she had on her hand, gets a 5, and I decide that matches her level, so it's a success. "Good job! You use your powers to establish a psychic link and communicate with the spirit trapped inside the doll".

Does this dream make me a good DM or nah.

06/01/2018: Tall Parade Floats

A parade whose floats are so tall you can see them from any floor of a building. Apparently they were built like this so they could spread cheer and toss candy and confetti to those who couldn't or didn't want to go outside.

??/??/2019?: The Sunset Sheep

I was walking through a countryside path, on my way back home. There are farms and old buildings, and significantly more flora than my town made of asphalt and concrete. One of these buildings had Moomin statues on its yard, a few knocked over, as if nobody lived there anymore. Some of them had animals tho, which must mean somebody was still living there. There were bulls with huge horns on another yard.

From the other side of the path I was taking, a sheep comes to my encounter. It was neither an adult sheep or a lamb, something more in between. It had black skin and very curly wool, forming a gradient: hot pink on top, orange-ish yellow on the belly. It laid on a patch of grass where flowers (the kind that are tiny and grow in clusters and they look like tiny bouquets) of the same colour as it. It was a picture-worthy moment.

??/??/2018?: Sailing Through Fountains

It waas like we were sailing inside a fountain, because the sea had these beautiful, giant "geysers" or "spurts" we had to sail around. Is this what a paper boat sees?

??/??/2018: A New Halloween Tradition

In which I leave candy and Halloween trinkets on a plate next to a letter written to Jason Voorhes in which I wrote that under all the supernaturalness and murderiness, he's just a frightened child who never got to enjoy life (and Halloween) properly, and that the candy and trinkets are for him (and to please not kill me).

The day after Halloween, he left a message on the wall with blood, saying that he wouldn't kill me this time, and then I knew the solution was to leave a plate of candy and trinkets every Friday the 13th and Halloween for him.

??/??/????: Una Puerta Con Vistas Al Mar

My bf and I were in some sort of beachside restaurant, one of those buildingd with thick white walls. I was looking out at the ocean from a doorway, holding his hand. I asked him, "have you ever seen something as relaxing as this?" We saw a dolphin fin, and a huge whale breaching on the horizon.

??/??/???: The Wizard of Gratitude

I was walking through a familiar place with a friend from the past. We saw a little man made of "nest materials", with a conical hat and a robe/body made out of empty nests, a beard made of baby bird fluff (???) and a nose made out of an eggshell. His "hat" was adorned with feathers, and we knew somehow this was the Wizard of Gratitude, who manifests or is created to express and manifest gratitude.

??/??/????: Destroying Distroller

For anyone wondering, this is Distroller. They sell toys and stationery to girls. As someone who loves bright, colored, detailed stuff and who believes in language evolving through the use given to it, I believe Distroller would make Lisa Frank puke and that it's defiling both Spanish and English with every single word they vomit out.

In this dream, the creator of Distroller was in my house, talking nonstop to my mother to convince her to buy her products, while I was pretending I was "dead" in bed, with my eyes rolled and biting the inner part of my cheeks. The door of my room was open so we could see each other.

At one point, Distroller's creator ends up getting annoyed I am "sleeping" and gets into my room. I immediately jump out and yell at her, angrily and stern, to NOT ENTER MY ROOM WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST and to STOP TREATING US AS IF WE WERE FAMILY OR FRIENDS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT EITHER. She gets offended, and she even tells me I'm "running from the path I should follow" (whoa, religious much?). My mother was looking tense, as if I was doing something I shouldn't.

As I argued with her, I slowly advance towards her making her recede towards the exit door. I say goodbye to her as politely as I can muster in that moment (I remember something like "have a nice day"), although she still looks very offended. When I close the door on her, my mom hugs me and whispers thank you to me. Perhaps she didn't like what I did, but it was what kicked her out home.

I don't know why my dream world mixed the "creator" of Distroller with a Jehovah witness or what does this dream say about me, but I'm not gonna lie, I love dreams where I get to be extra assertive. And yeah don't barge into people's rooms without asking that's real rude.

??/??/????: Persuassion of Time in Red

In a museum, a friend to be met yet and I were there, at night. There was this exhibit named like the name of this dream. It was a glass tank with a the sculpture of a woman in a coffin, a table and two chairs. There were painted silhouettes of people on the tank, meant in a way that, seen from a certain angle, you'd see them "sitting" on thechairs. The woman sculpture was made of a stringy, red material, as it they tried to 3D print her poorly.

She comes to life, and we hear steps. We hide, but we still peek to see what's going on. She gets out of her exhibit, but without breaking the glass, more like phasing through it like a videogame glitch. We hear the steps getting closer, and we see who's making them: a masculine marble sculpture, one of those classical Greek ones. Persuassion of Time in Red and the male sculpture exit our range of sight, together.

??/??/????: Worm on a String

We came across a stall on a ren faire that sold things made of worm on a string. They had earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, bags, everything. My mom purchases earrings consisting of one worm of a string per earring, with extra googly eyes glued across its sides and, funniest thing of all, wearing boots.

The stall also came with "the tadpole game". In it, you wrap a paper strip around a toothpick "so it looks like a tadpole", and then unwrap it inside a bucket, to see how many tadpoles can you catch. Inside there were two-legged frogapoles and everything.

??/??/????: A Sea Monkey

In dreams, I envisioned how a sea monkey should "actually" look like. It was like a monkey-sized shrimp, but instead of curling upwards like regular shrimp do, it curled downwards, following more the shape of a duck. It had two flippers, two (four?) shrimpy legs, a shrimpy tail, and its mouth split in four like a paper fortune teller. It also had four thick antennae that doubled as its eyes, two on top of its head and two under it, like a "beard".

??/??/????: Nickelodeon's Master Plan

Nickelodeon made a theme-park with non-mechanical rides (more slides and climbable things), and at the end they use a machine (disguised as one of those souvenir photo-taking ones) to suck up all the fun you had, and they did this to make their cartoons funnier.

??/??/???: Rolling Donut Hill

A hill near an university in the United Kingdom, where people liked to roll donuts down it for fun, making races and such. This dream also had huge trucks with some sort of portable stables to transport live animals with.

??/??/????: Ramblings of a Dog

A dog that speaks very incoherent sentences. Laments not meeting an unicorn yet. "When you ask, 'are you an unicorn?' the answer is never in black and white; it's either yes, no or maybe". "I wish my medicine-to-honey dispenser was smaller."

??/??/????: I Got A Beard

In which I grow some remarkable peach fuzz, kinda like Shaggy or Jontron. I wanted to share this fact with my bf, but I was afraid in case he didn't like it. I was already thinking how was I going to shave that thing.

??/??/????: The most stupid dream I ever had.

I once dreamt I punched my cousin and I ended up punching myself in real life. Like I lifted up a first into the air while still sleeping, and then it fell on my face.

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