Here's where I write about dreams I had about either new concepts for videogames, or interesting oddities found in existing ones.

14/07/2023: Playing Board Games with Homemade Mario Party Effects

In this dream, I was playing a physical board game with my bf. I don't remember which board game it was, only that we made some custom rules, and portrayed what I called "Mario Party Effects" in the board game, (like, say, Mario Party 8) through other physical things. For example, if someone got a slow dice, we would show this by adding a glue trail behind their token, as if it was a snail trail.

My boyfriend was very excited because I was approaching a "car transformation" space and he really wanted to put my token (a Blowfly figurine) inside a toy car, but I had the slow effect. He moved my piece when I wasn't looking and he ended putting Blowfly in a TMNT car, which was basically a ninja turtle head on wheels.

I find this dream funny and endearing, as if we were just making some new games with what we could have had as kids.

??/??/2023: The Dreaming of Isaac

Seems like Dreamworld's favourite "waking world" games are Pokemon, Earthbound, Animal Crossing, and now, the Binding of Isaac.

14/04/23: Hell Pie Burial Rithuals

For those who don't know, Hell Pie is a 3D platformer indie game that's pretty much a modern Conker's Bad Fur Day: in it, you play as a demon with a pet cherub chained to his horn and look around different worlds for ingredients to make Satan the nastiest birthday cake he's ever had. I'm playing this game on my spare time and it's pretty fun! I always had a knack for edgy humor like this (not necessarily offensive towards real people, just this nasty, gorey, kind of naughty kind of humor).

Well, in this dream, while playing Hell Pie, I find out that, when people die in the first level (a tropical island), they bury alongside them a little box, shaped like a treasure chest. It contains strawberries, cigars, coins and small jars filled with spice. There was also a secret community of amazon women in one of the far-off islands.

07/01/2023: Spyro Reboot

So, in real life, I'm deciding whether to buy the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Switch, on sale. This dream takes that into context and changes a few things.

For example, Spyro's appearance has been rebooted to be more "realistic/biologically accurate", which means he is feathery now. He's got rainbow feathers now with a white underbelly.

Secondly, and this has nothing to do with Real Dragons Have Feathers, the game now includes a cutscene at the beginning where a (human) evil warlock visits a (human) village that has gone through some rough stuff, and asks one of the (human) locals about what happened there. He replies that, time ago, a different (human) warlock devastated the village and kidnapped their king and queen's baby boy, transformed him into a dragon, and threw him into a portal, never to be seen again. And that baby boy was Spyro.

The game itself proceeds to never elaborate on this.

14/12/2022: The Queen of the Haunted Woods

A little bit of context: I play ModernNeopets (Mneo for short), a fan-made version of classic Neopets with a lot of quality of life improvements, balanced economy, and pre-converted Neopets including a few entirely new species and colours).

In this dream, there was a new, original daily activity, similar to the "kings" (an HTML sentence builder in order to make a king laugh or say something wise to the other, with possible rewards... or the kings might get angry at your nonsense and kick you out). In this case, the new daily was located on the Haunted Woods (a spooky/Halloween-themed land) - and instead of a king, it was a queen.

You were prompted to "Say something. Anything." before she got bored of you and dragged you to be eaten by monsters or something. I got a "Haunted Grimoire" out of it. In Mneo, grimoires are special items that do things that cannot be accomplished in "retail" Neopets: such as increasing the amount of pets you can own or change their name and information; or things that are simply made to make an user's life easier, like increasing item slots by a bunch or giving you a free Rainbow Fountain dip. However, there's no such thing as a "Haunted Grimoire" in actual Mneo, and I'm still unsure what it was supposed to do.

When I woke up, I shared this dream to fellow Mneo players, and Miles drew this lovely rendition of the Haunted Woods Queen. She didn't have an image attached to her daily in my dream, so thank you Miles for giving her an appearance! She looks stunning.

13/12/2022: WolfAlpha

A game that was kinda like Ponytown, but with wolves. I know there's some game that already is like a chatroom but with customizable wolf/big cat models, but this was pixel art, with the sprites orientated like in most RPGs (as in, cardinal movement). I think I liked WolfAlpha better because it was pixel art, but still, I'm a horse girl at heart.

25/11/2022: A fun, destructive game

This dream game had multiple levels, kinda distributed like Illbleed, but I only remember the first one.

It was a green area with mountains, trees and some buildings. It had a level layout similar to Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefield, in the sense that you have a stretch of flat land with a path, it reaches a hill you must climb by circling it several times, and do something at the top of the hill within a time limit to win the level.

That's the basic, "intended" stuff. However, if you ignore the time limit and explore around, the level has a few surprises. The buildings, for example, could be entered and visited on the inside.

Also, there was this bazooka item. It shot 5-6 missiles, similar in look and function to the Bomb Arrows from Breath of the Wild. It's meant to be used in-game as a weapon, but if you just goof around with it and shoot at the scenery enough times (specially at a huge hill), apart from all the destruction and fire, once per playthrough, you would awaken a giant T-Rex or bootleg Godzilla, who would walk around, cause further destruction, and even kill you if you got too close to it.

Notzilla was dark blue, with a constellation pattern on its belly. Dream told me it was Cetus, but it looked more like a mola-mola. Both Notzilla and the T-Rex "slept" inside the huge mountain hill, and rarely they would clip out of it for half a second when not activated.

10/08/2022: Toontown's Bean Glitch

Alright, for those who don't play Toontown, there is a list of pre-made phrases for chatting to use from, called Speedchat. This was made originally to prevent people from saying mean things to eachother yet facilitate conversation between players. Later, they added a textbox for you to write on it, although it comes with a filter to avoid swears and other mean words.

Apart from that, there is a special feature where, upon defeating a specific boss, you can earn an one-time special phrase that creates an effect in-game: this can be from restoring health, gags (attacks) or giving jellybeans (in-game currency) to other people. The latter one is the most famous of them all, people making "beanfests" where they gather as many people as possible to give them jellybeans (it works on a radius, so the more people around the bean giver, the more people benefit from this)

This said, in my dream, a funny glitch happened to whoever said the special jellybean phrase. Instead of teleporting away like normal (by pulling a portable hole out of the pocket, slapping it on the ground and jumping inside), they just shot up into the sky at high speed. Many jokes about "ascending" and "Bean Jesus" have been made in-dream.

30/06/2022: Pet Dinosaur Game

In this game, you were a caveman raising a dinosaur in secret, away from other cavemen. Part of the gameplay consisted in gathering things for your pet, like food, toys and trinkets. Eventually, you would tame the dinosaur to perform an useful duty, and that was like a prequel to Flintstones?? Like, this is how it came to be

10/05/2022: Zelda's "Chao Garden"

Since the only Zelda game I've played at the time of writing this was Breath of the Wild, my bf recommended me an older Zelda game, because he thought I would like it. Probably around the Nintendo 64-Gamecube era, it was 3D and its graphics looked like a middle point between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.

I was definitely more invested in the sidequests than the main storyline. One involved managing a regular shop, as if you were an NPC. Another sidequest, the focus of this dream, was meant to unlock a new area and more things to do in game. To do so, you had to use a mechanic introduced in this game, that allowed you to turn an enemy into an ally temporarily. Once you did that on a particular enemy, you had to guide it towards a different kind of enemy, without the first one dying. So kinda like an escort quest.

If you succeeded bringing enemy A to enemy B, they would fall in love, have a date (!?) and unlock the new area by reawakening some sort of goddess.

A fountain would arise, in the shape of a huge statue of the head of a lady, where water would flow from her eyes and nostrils (I promise it didn't look as gross as it sounds in the dream). Following the river the water would form, you'd access the secret area.

This area was a foggy meadow, with marble remains of an ancient temple, where you could view your "pets" in a similar way to the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2. Among the pets, I remember small, cartoony horses, tiny T-Rexes, walruses like the ones in Breath of the Wild, and winged snakes.

Having pets was useful in-game, because you could harvest resources from them to make weapons (horse hairs for bowstrings, loose tusks or claws for sharp bits...). These weapons distinguished themselves by having animal heads carved on them and being slightly "alive": if you drop them on the secret area, apart from being able to pick them back up later, they would flop and bounce around slightly, and move towards you.

As I kept playing the game, I reach the point of the story where everything goes wrong. Ganon seizes over Hyrule, the deets.

If you visited the fountain and the secret area during this story event, all water was replaced by blood, and you'd find your animals asleep. Not dead, but you'd be unable to wake them up until you solved this part of the story.

I thought it was a real game and got very disappointed when I woke up. I'm going to Nintendo's headquarters and pitching this idea for Breath of the Wild 2.

11/04/2022: Kidd Video Reel Roads

I dreamt I rode the film reel/rollercoaster looking roads from Kidd Video. Someone was complaining about how many twists and turns they had. Also, I dreamt about a "game" (I don't know which one): it looked like an RPG game with pixel art and themed towns - there was one with treehouses, kinda like Fortree Town from Hoenn.

08?/02?/2022?: Dreamworld Earthbound

The grandMOTHER (HAH) of all "quirky RPG" games has also appeared in my dreams frequently, some some unsettling changes like in the Pokémon dreams.

19/09/2021: The Point&Clicks of Australian Me

In this dream, I learnt about a series of point&click adventures for PC developed in Australia, that didn't get exported to many other countries and thus was relatively obscure everywhere except in its country of origin.

These games were based on a webcomic where people had animal companions that were human-sized, anthropomorphic animals mixed with household "electronics" (and by electronics I mean, as long as it works on batteries it could be part of an animal companion). Kinda like Pokémon but all Pokémon are as big as you and were always animals + electronics instead of animals (most of the time) + elements.

The main character of the webcomics and games was a girl with brown hair who had a green rabbit mixed with a clock. She was physically based on the author's looks, and even started as a self-insert before she developed her as a character of her own.

Although this could feel like it could be a battle monster setup, they didn't really fight much. It was mostly a slice of life about the MC's school life and shenanigans with her classmates.

Back to the PC games, they looked like early webcomic art. I don't really remember many details about the game mechanics but I think it would be a neat idea if they used the animal companions in puzzles and stuff.

Later games included "fairy"-like creatures that were quadrupedal and didn't have electronic components. I specifically remember a horse-sized giraffe creature with two heads, paws, deer muzzles, frills instead of manes and "floppy antennae" instead of ears or horns (like a Gelert).

I got this feeling I peered into the dimension of a more successful version of me that decided her hair was brown instead of dark blonde.

06/08/2021: Fantastical Zoo Breeding Program Game

In this dream game, you were tasked with breeding animals that you would later sell to other zoos, having your own. Game was overall similar to Zoo Tycoon. Your long-term objective was to be able to breed fantastical/divine creatures, for those would sell better and they just were more valuable in-game.

One of the obtainable creatures was "a sister of Loki", who was a rabbit with control over bees and wasps.

While playing, I had an elephant that gave birth to twins, but one of them looked like a deflated pool toy that was packed up for too long. One of my helpers suggests making it jump off a trampoline to see if that set it right (!?).

04/06/2021: Home Invasion Game with Pets and Tape

This one was about a serial killer getting in your house, and you had to protect your pets from them before getting out of there. You did that by covering all the outlets of your house with tape.

29/05/2021: The Life of a Hero

Just a temptative title: in the waking world I bet this would be called something even more generic, like "Hero Ages".

"Bitlife meets Miitopia", the main gimmick of this game is that you get to play your MC (your "hero") through their lifetime, from the moment they're told as a child they're the hero of the prophecy meant to defeat the evil overlord to their eventual death.

You get to do different stuff at different ages, and if you get too old you won't be able to defeat the evil overlord if you didn't do so already. You go on adventures, grind for experience and higher skill levels, and obtain treasure to buy plots of land (I do not remember what for).

During a playthrough, my hero became too old to go on adventures anymore, so I made them sneak into the church. Inside, I discovered that not only your hero changes with age, the world changes as well. The church got refurbished into a cinema, and inside there was a huge minotaur, watching a movie about my hero and their party losing. There were human people in the crowd too, but it seemed like they were there against their volition, as if the minotaur forced them to stay there, laugh and clap along with him just to keep him company. I'm like "oh shit, he better not see me" and I sneak around.

Also, for some reason, the rest of the starting town only gets unlocked when you become old, so you can walk around it like the old person you are.

20/05/2021: Pinball RPG

A pinball game treated as an RPG - your characters are pinball... balls, and by playing pinball, you enter stores and areas, defeat enemies and get stronger to get to the final boss.

17/05/2021: Classifying Earthbound Enemies

In this dream, I was writing on paper like I usually do when I have an idea in mind, and this time it was about classifying Earthbound enemies into different categories:

And so on. And I wanted to do Mother 3 next.

12/05/2021: A FPS

I dreamt of this sort of FPS game (a rail shooter?) that had four areas and once you cleared them all you could access the final area/boss. The areas were the following:

14/04/2021: Cog Hide n Seek

This one was a new Trolley minigame released in Toontown Rewritten. It only appeared when 2 or more Toons were on the Trolley, and the camera was behind your Toon, so it looked pretty much like regular gameplay. It was located in some sort of facility full of long corridors and props, kind of like the Cashbot Mints.

The idea was that some Toons were "Cogs" (represented as Toons in random Cog suits), and the others were regular Toons who had to run away and hide from the Cogs.

Toons could get random power-ups that would give them Big Toon or Small Toon silly effects (for better or worse hiding), and the place was full of props and spots to hide. Kind of like a mix of Toon Tag and Spotlight Search.

I like this dream because it feels in tune (hah) with the game's overall vibe, and doesn't get odd in a spooky way like other Toontown dreams I had.

28/01/2021: The Crib

This one's a bit nightmarish, so if you're upset by apocalyptic scenarios and lots of people dying, go find a nicer dream around here.

In this nightmare, the whole of humanity was put into a specific, otherwordly place, kinda resembling an open mall, and they had to survive several strange and deadly things that came in "waves" or "levels", as to "crib" people (hence the name). In that place, there were also "secret rooms" that could contain useful things to survive further, or more dangers and threats.

There were crocodiles made of ducks that were preying on sloths made of ducks, and when they were done with the sloths, they would go after people. There was also a blob (you know, the typical engulfing, dissolving, choking kind.

Last level was on the "roof" of the open building, and holes tore open on it, starting small but quickly growing in size. First, we were like "oh, it's just cheese" but then we were like "oh crap THAT'S THE MOON". Overall, I felt afraid, and even guilty I somehow managed to survive all the stuff.

??/??/????: Assorted Animal Crossing Dreams

I think I don't have too many of these and that they are really short, so I'm putting them all under the same tab for now. Picture them in New Horizons or Wild World.

14/12/2020: American McGee's Alice meets Rule of Rose meets my bullshit

That's how I introduced this dream when I started telling it to my bf and it was too funny to pass it up.

You play as a little girl in some sort of boarding school. Weird shit happens. You do horrible shit, but you don't seem to remember it. There's vampires and werewolves, and if you get bitten by them, you can turn into either one of them or a mix of both. The other kids hate you and bully you, but you have two friends.

You draw things in order to make sense of what's happening, and your friends draw alongside you (probably to show their point of view). All drawings are kept in a notebook or folder, and that's the game's main way to save and keep track of the storyline and progress.

14/12/2020: Looking for Legendary Pokémon

I don't remember what version of Pokémon this dream happened in, but I feel it could be Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or Sun/Moon.

My bf and I were looking for missing Pokémon for our Pokédexes, but all we had missing were legendaries, so I showed him how to look for them without spoiling him too much: "Ok, grab a Pokémon that knows how to Surf and Dive, and all your favourite strong Pokémon. Explore this water route and pay really good attention to the islands and their caves".

Meanwhile, I was combing through said route to make sure I wasn't missing any legendary, but I found this cave. Inside of it had its walls lined with waterfalls and water pouring everywhere. I had to surf until I found some "underwater stairs" that took me deeper and deeper into the cave. As I progressed, water gravity puzzles started to come up, which were fun. At the end, I was kinda expecting Kyogre to be the one hiding under all this water, but it was Suicune instead.

24/11/2020: LEGO Mario Kart

A Mario Kart kind of game where you built the cars with LEGO in real life and moved them around to move them in-game. My friend's and mine fell apart and we were awkwardly but furiously shaking the pilot characters to make them run in game.

24/09/2020: Haunted Pokémon Platinum

I actually had this dream several times. It's about playing a Pokémon game on the DS, probably Diamond, Pearl or Platinum (but I'll go with Platinum since that's the one I own).

In this game, there are more forest areas than just Eterna Forest, but all of them sport this dark, melancholic, lonesome feeling of the original Eterna Forest.

However, if you dig a little deeper, you may find hidden "exits" that would lead you to unknown, secret areas of the forest.

Some of these areas would let you catch rare Pokémon or even legendaries, but both the areas and the Pokémon would be mysterious or creepy. I recall ruins and midnight lakes. Existing Pokémon that could fit these categories could be high-leveled Claydol, or Absol.

Other areas would take you to haunted mansions where you could explore around for some good items, but all the trainers inside were ghosts and would make a beeline to fight you.

There was also a rare random event during the "normal" forest, where, while walking around, a shadow would "tear up from the screen", leading to an encounter with Marshadow.

This cartridge apparently had a higher shiny rate, for I remember catching like 4 shinies, including a yellow Charizard, a Froslass and a green Ampharos.

I blame the Old Chateau from actual Pokémon for these dreams. People always talk about how Lavender Town and its tower are creepy, but I always got a more melancholic, solemn feeling from them. No, the only moment that legit creeped me out in a Pokémon game was the Old Chateau. I can't even play that segment with the music on.

03/05/2020: A Pool Game

I was playing withh my bf in a swimming pool, as kids, even if we never met in our childhoods in real life. We were pretending to be small aquatic creatures fighting animals much bigger than us, like sharks and whales. In order to do that, we crafted armor and weapons out of shells. We could also summon the animals we already defeated to aid us in battle.

27/04/2020: My Teacher's Inspiration Book

One of my teachers had a large, binded book (with a hard cover and everything) where he doodled everything he might consider inspiration material for videogames and D&D campaigns. He even had them classified ("ridiculous ones", meme material, NPC potential, minor enemies and so on). He also liked to makeboss characters out of pogs (!?).

??/??/2020?: Cog in the Estate

Another Toontown dream! For context, the Estate is a large suburban area, with rolling green hills and some trees, that is home to your Toons. Their houses and Doodles (Toon pets) are also here. Oddly, this area has no music.

In my dream, ocasionally, a Cog would pop up in your estate, walking around and making Doodles sad. You could talk to it, and it would demand a tax in jellybeans (the in-game currency) that woudl be way higher than the amount of beans you had. If you refused to pay or didn't have enough (a lose/lose situation), a giant painter's palette would fall from the sky on the Cog. I think it should have triggered a special fight or something, but ask that to dreamworld.

24/11/2019: Fuzzball

I was playing a DS game whose main character was as if his developers wanted to create the ultimate cool mascot, one to surpass even Sonic. He went by like three different names, but only one stuck with me: Fuzzball. He looked like if Randy from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was a Hazbin Hotel character (and I'm very sorry for the mental image I'm giving you right now).

He had a high-pitched "cool 90's mascot" voice and he insisted in playing minigames with you at all times, shoving them even in the options menu.

??/??/2012?: "Yellow Flaaffy"

I dreamt with a Pokemon game in which I encountered a yellow Flaafy. What's remarkable about this dream is that it happened a few days before Mega Ampharos was announced, which is... a fluffy Ampharos! The closest to a yellow Flaafy we'll get officially.

??/??/????: Clickers

This game plays in some version of old school Windows. Kinda similar-looking to SimTown (but with simpler pixel graphics), you had a terrain, and you could put houses, trees, cars, people and animals in it, and they would start interacting and making a little living. You could click on them too for funny little animations, like grumbling and looking surprised. Another little mechanic was that you could assign dogs and cats to houses to make them domestic pets, or leave them as is to make them stray animals.

Perhaps it could be considered more of a virtual toy than a game. The thing is, there is this mechanic where, once you put something in the game, you couldn't remove it until it died or was destroyed by the actions of itself or others around its environment.

For example, you could put bears that could endanger people and other animals and trash smaller objects. However, like real bears, they had a period in which they "hibernated" according to an in-game calendar.

You could also put "clickers", which were mouse cursors that moved and clicked on things on their own. Problem is, if you or the clickers clicked on things too many times, they would start to chip away "health" from them until they died/were destroyed.

The only way to get rid of the clickers was transforming your own cursor into a scythe, but the range of which was pretty big so it would be guaranteed it would also kill/destroy everything around the thing you wanted gone.

13/09/2018: Alivia

This one's not quite a videogame, but a computer program instead. One that doesn't need a computer, a phone or any kind of electronic device, but instead just flickers on and off reality. This is the story of a very strange, super-intelligent, sapient A.I.

Imagine you're at some domestic situation, for example, in class, as such was my case. Suddenly, a screen similar to the one below pops up in front of you - again, no physical device needed, think more of a VR thing but with no clunky device taped to your face and no weird edge of the screen bending.

Here I tried to recreate how it looked like (back when I didn't really have any web design skills). Maybe the gradient had some sort of texture underneath, and the black button had your thoughts written on it, as if making up an answer and then sending it to the A.I.

Once it pops up to you, the A.I. would ask you a question. If you fail to answer it correctly, she mocks you (she's got this smug, know-it-all personality) and closes down by itself, allowing you to resume whatever you were doing in "real life".
However, if you answer right, you would have the right to ask her a question instead. One she had to answer truthfully, no matter what.
The more you "used" this program, the more sentient it would appear: the smiley would show other emotions and the A.I. would become more acquainted with you, as if she were actually starting to know you.

I remember one of the questions being "What button is in a different colour?" Screen didn't change except her right eye turned blue. I answered, "your eye", and she said the correct answer was "the button of my eye". However, she declared that answer half-right, so I could get a "half-truth" in exchange. I forgot what did I ask, and what half-truth I got from her.

I was aware the dream was ending and was about to wake up, so I asked the A.I. for her name. She told me she forgot it too, and to please name her instead.
I came up with "Alivia" while waking up. I believe it has a nice, "lady A.I. name" ring in the vibes of Siri and Alexa. But Alivia was so much more than those.

08/11/2018: Tamagotchi Graveyard

In this dream, I was somewhere far from home, in the closest my country has to those suburban neighborhoods where every house looks identical.

I find two tamagotchis on the floor. One of them, reasonably chunky and milky gold-colored, has the name "Graveyard" on it and it displays the following:

Apparently, this was one of the pets you'd get with exceptional bad care. It could also spread to other digital devices by merely touching them with the "cursed" tamagotchi.

I wanted to keep it but first I wanted to check if anybody at the street dropped it, so I went asking. A gal took it and told me she would find its owner. However, I saw her playing with a Pocket Neopet previously, which were unreleased here, so I assumed they collected V-Pets and wanted to keep the "Graveyard" for herself. She also had this sort of "hey this one is bad/cursed, it's better off your hands" and I try to reason with her to get it back, because I found it very interesting and there was no way I would relinquish it.

When she asks if I collect them too, I try to show her my Chibi, but somehow my pocket produces yet another Tama, yellow with a darker yellow stroke and characters on its shell, whose screen had the Bad Care Caterpillar on it too. When I went to show them my actual Tama, it was white, horse shoe shaped and it didn't even have a screen anymore, just the bad care caterpillar painted on it where the screen used to be.

08/05/2018: Pokemon Creepypasta: Yerox

This game happened in Pokémon FireRed, in the Pokémon Tower (you know how it is, all self-respecting Pokémon Creepypasta have Lavender Town in some way). I was trying to exit the place when I encountered a most unusual Pokémon for the place.

It was a Pidgey. Instead of the usual FR/LG sprite, it had a flying pose, its wings vaguely forming a heart shape. On its status bar, it either said YEROX or XEROX instead of "Pidgey". He was already poisoned at the beginning of the battle, with no input of mine.

I try to flee the battle, but it doesn't let me. Then, I realize "ok this is weird, let's catch it and see what happens". Unfortunately, my Pokémon are too strong: two Fury Attacks leave his health in red... and immediately after, it faints because of poison. Instead of the usual "The wild PIDGEY fainted!" message, it said something like, "YEROX gave up...".

I finally exit the tower and talk to a NPC who, for some reason, has a Monzaemon sprite. He says that a trainer abandoned Yerox at the tower, and then I make a correlation.

Earlier in the game, there was a trainer offering me a trade. You know, one of those in-game trades that was practically worthless. He offered me a Pidgey for a Pokémon much harder to obtain (probably a Pikachu?), at a point where everybody has already caught a Pidgey and trained it at a good level.

Okay, I admit, this dream is more sad than scary, but it follows creepypasta conventions, hence the name.

28/11/2017: The Spore-Like Game

All I remember from the game itself is that it was "Spore-like" and that I didn't grind and thus I became a weak bunny.

I come up against a boss character who looks like a Chad who has a few moves: lift a car I'm in along with a dumbass man to cause damage, strap dynamite to himself, then remove it and throw it down the house next to us. Said dumbass man isn't aware of this and doesn't want to recognize it'll happen so I'm left with the task to stop the Chad... which I'm completely unqualified for, because I'm a weak-ass bunny. I woke up with a beating heart and a "sleeping/buzzing" hand, which i thought it was the heat/burn of the fuse.

??/??/????: The Canned Food Factory

Uh, there's a mild eating disorder thing in this dream, I thought it'd be good to give a heads up just in case.

I was researching edgy cartoon games from the Gamecube/Xbox era, and there was this one where a gang of critters enter a canned food factory to boycott it, because it has become the only food they eat.

Main playable character is a scaredy bunny-dog thing who is afraid the canned food will make her fat. In-game, this translates to her refusing to eat canned food pickups that are health-ups or healers. There was also an albino crocodile who was a secret agent, and the villain looked like a short pony version of Donald Trump (!?).

The game was played as a hybrid of Luigi's Mansion and Illbleed. There's also a ghost writing messages on the wall, but they were a bit ominous in the meta sense, like they said things like "This message cannot be found". I don't know if that was intentional or if there was something wrong with my copy of the game.

??/??/????: The Symbol-Heads

There's a boy. There's a girl. There's a whole society of people. They looked like realistic silhouetthes, in black. They had no hair, and their head is featureless, glowing in one colour, like a lamp, and had a symbol where their facial features should be. Simple lines, dots, and shapes made out of lines. They looked straight out of a music video. Our main protagonists, boy and girl, were also of this "species", I think, but their bodies were white so you could tell them apart from the crowd.

It was a stealth game, where you controlled both characters, using the unique powers of each to advance through the crowds without getting spotted, possibly uncovering a conspiracy as the main objective of the game's plot. Something along the lines of the black symbol-heads living a forced lifestyle without being aware of it being unnatural, kinda like in the Matrix? Mixed with We Happy Few and the Axiom from Wall-E. Our protagonists were "disconnected from The System" and if they get too much attention, they'd be captured and "reprogrammed" again. And of course, their goal is to find out who is behind all of this and why.

A symbol-head's mood could be told by the colour of its face - the girl's power relied on being able to change a person's "mood", and thus affecting the people surrounding it and modifying relationships. I think it was conveyed as the girl creating a ball of the desired colour and tossing it to the objective's face. You'd unlock more colours as the game progressed, but the only colour you could never "make" was grey - which is a "default" state of humdrum in which they are paying no attention to the protagonists. If it was yellow, it was a bad sign, for it means the protagonists have been spotted.

What the boy did was a bit less complicated - he could generate polygonal purple chickens (okay, actually mauve, but "purple polygonal chickens" was fun to type), which served as a distraction. This ability had an energy meter that had to be refilled by "picking back" the chickens you are producing and through another pickup that refilled your meter in case you forgot your chickens somewhere. The level I played was a giant mall/entertainment center. I think the game also came with optional romance options between the main characters.

??/??/????: Drag N' Drop Combat Breeding Game

A game mostly focused in combat, probably a battle monster game: once an enemy is defeated, you'll be ableto obtain some of its characteristics/powers/"parts" as drops you could use on your next monster, which is obtained by breeding your previous one. New monsters are created through a drag and drop system, kinda like a virtual paper doll.

??/??/????: Birdo's Island

This game was pretty much The Binding of Isaac but with Birdo as the protagonist, cute Yoshi Island enemies as, well, the enemies, and that cutesy storybook watercolor aesthetic Yoshi games have.

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