As you know well because I imagine you browsed my site enough, I Love Art - art helps us express ourselves, gives us an escape from the hum-drum of everyday life, and puts you on that magical wavelenght of oneness with the world. For me, it's not always necessarily about whether others will like it - it's about how you feel when you're making it.

The world of art is vast and complicated, and it's hard to pay enough attention to both the gestalt and the small details to make our art comprehensible to ourselves and others. Fortunately, we live in an era where information about art is more widespread than ever, and thus the purpose of this website is to compile some of the most useful tips I've found while surfing the made-up virtual world of the Internet, and have them here on this website for easy access.

This is a place to both celebrate where we are at now in our art paths and to learn to get even better.

This will mostly focus on the areas of art I'm more acquainted with: drawing, digital art, 3D modelling and animation (both 2D and 3D). However, there might be smaller sections on artsy things I'd like to try but haven't yet (composing, game making, assorted crafts). Art takes many different shapes, and you'd do a disgrace to yourself confining yourself to just one.

Let the big companies with no time for creativity have all the AI art they goddamn please, focus on what art means to you.

P.S.: If you find a link doesn't work anymore, please contact me and I will find it a replacement to the best of my ability.

Hand control

Tips for getting your hand used to drawing, either on plain ol' paper or a tablet







Props & Backgrounds

Character Design

Digital Art

Animation General

3D Animation



I especially love anthropomorphization and I believe that a good design can draw from a combination of its original source AND the right artistic decisions.

Drawing Specific Things

Because there's particular things that can be tough cookies to crack.

Specific Effects

How to achieve specific effects that might not be as "solid" as drawing specific things.


I love worldbuilding so much and while I am no Tolkien, I think it's neat and it's good that we've got resources



Keep in mind I use "storyboarding" to cover a lot of camera stuff and overall How Things Are Displayed, so please excuse.

Webcomic Making

Game Making

About Art and Social Media

How to post your art on social media and survive to tell the tale

The Big Scary World of Professional Art

The Meta of Art

Why do we make art and what we draw (hah) from it as an experience

Thought Nuggets

Thoughts about specific art things in general. Less practical, more of something for your mind to chew on.